GOP Op got caught operating fake BLM group, fake news networks

h/t Jared Holt

Steven Monacelli reports on a weird group with wacky demands that GOP ops used as an excuse to incite violence against civil rights activists, that turned out to be a GOP op’s own op. Check the link below.

Commentary continues afterthis word from our sponsor: Elaboration.

Like the Wi Spa hullaboo, GOP Ops used this fake group they just made up ad propaganda in their literal fake news networks, which created stories they then fed into actual “news” networks. Truly astonishing.

The GOP ops ops shop is a highly industrialized, highly efficent model that utilizes cheap labor from Phillipines-based right wingers to churn out madlib templates and quick stories they then publish to centrally-controlled blogs they disguise as fake local news, under fake local names — a model created by the CIA and used to great effect since the 1950s.

GOP operatives on the ground amplify the power of their fifty pence troll armies; in DC, GOP Operatives have set up a fake activist group that has been gifting actual activists backdoored phones and electronics. This fake group operates under the name of BLM757 today, but is a literal fly by night operation that could pop up on your town with a fresh name tomorrow.


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