GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik lies again: "Pelosi bears responsibility for the tragedy that occurred on January 6"

At what point do we arrest these people for treason?


It’s very odd all of the Republicans wanted to protect Pelosi by refusing to have and independent commission on the matter. If she were culpable, that’s exactly how you’d find out.

If Jim Jordan were on the panel, he’d likely take the opportunity to tie 1/6 to Hilary and Benghazi.


Correct. That is the responsibility of the POTUS and no one else.

It is a coup, dammit. It is an ongoing attempt to overthrow Democracy in this country & replace it with a one-party state. Numerous State legislatures at it, even as we speak.

EVERYONE who spoke at that rally needs to be hauled before the Committee investigating the events of that day.

Same for his enablers, toadies & paymasters. This includes most members of his [mal]administration, as well as all members of Congress, etc, who denied the election results.
I hope the investigations go on at least past the upcoming midterms, so that voters will be reminded daily of those events.


For the Right-wing, it goes w/o saying.


Ah, the “Nazi punching” quandry…

When there can be no common ground, unfortunately if one side is rearing for a fight, it’s going to be a fight, whether you want it or not.

What concerns me is that so far, it really seems like only one side has really shown widespread willingness to fight.


She should easily recognize it as a tragedy, seeing as she’s one herself.


Yes, Ms. Pelosi is responsible for the events of January 6 because she didn’t just abandon objective reality and declare that Mass-Murdering Traitor Trump won the election.


An ignorant people are the easiest to lead down any road you choose because they have no means to counter your arguments and no facts to even provide a glimmer of light in their darkness and no ability to think critically

Dussent becomes treason or heresy and examining the basic “truths” is forbidden.

This has kept religions and tyrants in business for thousands of years.

Pepper your speech with trigger words like “freedom”, “god”, “Jesus” or “patriotism” and the crowd will think you mean the same thing by those words they do because any “right thinking person” would.

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