GOP senator says Trump is awesome because he tells bigger lies than Putin


So the highest merit of a politician is now officially telling the best lies? who would have thought?


Does anyone remember the incredible feeling of relief when we watched George Bush be flown off away from the White House for the last time after his presidency and how we somehow survived that daily nightmare and were ready to rebuild after the horrors we created with the Iraq War?

The thing that strikes me most after that is there was so much talk of how the “republican brand” couldn’t even sell dog food at that point

So how the hell did we get back here in such ugliness that makes the Bush+Cheney years SHINE in comparison?

I watch Nicolle Wallace (Bush spokeswoman) sometimes as she hosts on MSNBC as she rants about Trump and I am in total disbelief about her incredible hypocrisy and how she imagines her republican administration with the war and Cheney was any better (btw why doesn’t anyone on that network call her out? Maddow? now they are best buddies? wtf)


The capital of Sweden called. They’d like their syndrome back.


“Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Cybersecurity Subcommittee”

But not as big a lie as you told when you took your oath of office, Mikey.


I’m now convinced there is no collusion. Collusion requires cooperation from both parties. Trumps a devotee of Putin’s. Big difference.


Committee seats are bought and paid for by contributions to the party, earmarked for that member of Congress. Cast aside any idea that the parties pick them by experience and qualifications.

There must be sites that break down who paid for which idiot.


Local governments across the US have never not been going after African-Americans. The federal government need not bother.


I did that long ago. What now has to be cast aside in addition is the notion that one of the parties would never allow a supporter of a “president” who kowtows to Russia to remain on an Armed Services subcommittee.


I saw this tweedle today pumping the tRump machine, again.



He thought it through to the trump base and that’s as far as he needs to go. He knows he will pay no consequences for saying the damndest of things, so no harm, no foul. Who will hold him accountable? Who will hold trump accountable? trump has basically said “Fuck you” to the Amerikan people, including his base, and to all of Europe, and embraced dictators around the world and has thrown innocent children into concentration camps. There simply are no consequences for these monsters. This guy here is only following orders. He’s good, no need to worry about him.


The commentariat are all about this proving that Putin has something on Drumpf.
I don’t think that that is it at all. I mean, he may, but this doesn’t prove that in my mind.
I think that it just proves that Dumpty Dump is a giant thing that he likes to brag about grabbing.


His logic only works if Trump is a genius playing 12-dimensional chess. The facts are clear: Trump faked his way through school, made huge dumb mistakes in business, spent his life lawyering his way out of trouble, and probably can’t play a competent game of standard chess against a grade schooler, let alone any of the regulars in Washington Square park.

Whereas Putin was in the KGB, and chess is a big part of Russian culture.


Jesus Christ! Just come out and say that Trump is helping make you rich. Your party is already in so much control that nobody can do anything about it. Just please, for God’s sake, stop insulting our intelligence.


Can we send them the religious equivalent of percussive maintenance? Spiritual (and physical) slaps upside the head would certainly get the message across. Turn the smack other cheek.

It’s extremely likely there was collusion, given what Mueller has already revealed his investigations to have found, but I’m no longer certain Trump (45* – if baseball players can get asterisks next to their names/records if they are found guilty of wrongdoing, why not politicians?) is guilty.

Why would the people propping him up risk him spilling details of the plan as Twitterrhea on a whim? Keep him in the dark not to give him plausible deniability but to cover your own asses.


seems my little attempt humor fell flat once again.


When I was a young pup, they were assigned by seniority. But now the monetization of US politics is nearly complete.


Well, at least he’s only the “chairman of the Senate Armed Services Cybersecurity Subcommittee”.


I think it’s been like that for a long time.


I want this hat SO bad!!!


It’s actually how did we get here in the first place. I think Toffler, with Future Shock pointed the way. We are collectively scared to death of the fast, faster, fastesterist future than we can admit and will do anything, anything at all to slow it down. That never works. Check out the closing of the Gates of Ijtihad. That did not work out well.