GOP senator says Trump is awesome because he tells bigger lies than Putin


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This is what happens when you have low voter turnout in a sparsely populated state. You get inbreeds in the Senate.


I think you just insulted inbred people.


What the actual fuck with these GOP m/f…


I wish I could say I was shocked by this attitude in the GOP but it’s been that way for a long time now. The party is intellectually, ethically, and morally bankrupt.

For reference, this is what he’s praising:


I dunno, Vlad Putin is hard to beat.


That last line is glorious.


I still can’t make sense of this, the second time I’ve read it. I mean, he’s saying they’re both lying but Trump is the bigger liar - okay, that’s really not a defense of Trump, but okay - except they’re both apparently taking the same position, and lying to the same audience (the US public). I don’t get how this is supposed to work in his mind. I don’t think he’s thought it through sufficiently.


Once again, every Onion editor/writer right now:



So we have a Russian asset as President now. He’s already gone after the brown people with straight hair putting them concentration camps even American citizens (Looking at you ICE and your DHS and TSA flunkies). When is he coming after the African-Americans? What lies will justify his actions on this and how will it benefit Russia? Will there be Republicans supporting his actions? So many questions in America now.


And, as noted here, the Democratic party is just half to two-thirds as bad.

But it’s something.


On behalf of south dakota, Get f#cked rounds.


I think he understands his audience well. Posturing over content. Lying to whomever doesn’t matter as long as you are doing it in service of looking strong.

I don’t think for a second that is what we watched, though. I think Putin is the real guy playing 4d Chess, and his bonafides play that out. However, it’s imperative for the base that every interaction is spun to make Trump look strong above everything else: honest, ethical, sensical.


Seriously, are there any honest, principled Republicans in congress? I’m actually asking, this isn’t rhetorical.


So I think what actually happened, I think Mr. Putin just got out-Trumped by Trump. If Mr. Putin thinks he can tell a whopper, he’s not gonna be outdone by this president. And so if Mr. Putin is going to look at him and try to straight-faced tell him that they didn’t meddle, our president can look right back at him and tell just as big a whopper back to Putin as Putin told him.

Geez, he’s Donald Trump, not Jerry Clower.


Luckily, they’re easy to spot. They’re the ones retiring or dying.


That’s not an actual senator in the accompanying photo. It’s a stock image of what they think a generic politician should look like.

And they nailed it.


I don’t know my country anymore. Never thought we would get to a point where we worship authoritarian dictator’s.



At this point I’d settle for taking him off that committee, dude has no business there >_>


Have pity on the man- he’s been wanking himself into a froth over his awesome hero, and that hero just stood up there and showed he’s a stooge and a dogsbody to some short foreign guy.
He’s got to salvage his pride somehow.