Gordon Ramsay’s ultimate vegetarian lunch


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Looks nice, but not enough legumes, all the protein is coming from the cheese.

Protein is the big thing chefs seem to miss when they create vegetarian options.


thanks gordon!
that looks great. think i’ll make that for easter sunday.
i’ve just had a post-surf lunch of chickpea stew with roasted peppers, couscous and fried haloumi.


Usually the problem is too much protein, due to the outdated idea that people are supposed to be eating slabs of protein at every meal, one way or another.


well I don’t know about slabs but some dietary requirements might indeed include protein with every meal.


I used to (I’m lapsed!) get served a lot of cheese on everything, but not an excess of protein, certainly nothing approaching a meat based diet. To me that meal looks tasty, but not a balance you could keep up for long.

Eventually you are going to want to eat exactly what @bill_posters had for lunch!


Eventually? I want to eat that right now. Sounds delicious. :slight_smile:


I know right?


I didn’t know he could cook…


I’ve been vegetarian for 20+ years, and my ultimate lunch is still pizza…


I generally find them too stringy and dry for lunch. A good braising or low-and-slow roasting, though, and vegetarians make a fine dinn…

Oh, dear, I’ve missed something, haven’t I?


another connoisseur. a well prepared long pork is delicious.


Trust me, protein is what we all miss when looking at vegetarian options. :wink:


Protein is pretty easy for vegan or vegetarian options. Nuts, beans, mushrooms, avocados, tofu and more all have good amounts of different kinds of protein. If you mix and match all these different ingredients into a given meal it’s pretty easy to hit on the required amount you’re supposed to be eating. I actually run into the problem of eating too much protein.

The trick is making a meal that is filling, and protein is often only part of the equation. You need some starches/carbs otherwise you won’t feel full or you’ll get hungry again quickly.


Well, I don’t want to get into a big debate about vegetarian diets, but Mr. Ramsay is apparently billing this as the “ultimate vegetarian lunch”, and I say tasty, but failing in basic nutrition, so not ultimate.

Second post in offered a better candidate for that title, as what they happened to have for lunch after a surf, that day.

Just sayin.


Awwww yisssss. I won’t be able to acquire some of that for at least two days, but I’ll be craving it until I can manage to get my hands on some.

I don’t know whether to shake my fist in frustration, or thank you kindly for reminding me the existence of this beautiful thing. Let’s go with Thanks! :heart_eyes_cat:


Especially ones that are grass fed. The ones that are raised on a diet of meat scraps and other slop have a decidedly unpleasant aftertaste. In the coming apocalypse, I’m going after the vegans first.


Right? The “protein, protein!” fetish is silly. I’ve avoided dead flesh for years, never worry about protein, and feel fine. Doc says I’m all good too.


If this is the same Gordon Ramsay who thought it a great joke to hide meat in a vegetarian pizza on one of his TV shows in the UK a few years so, I’ll pass.

I’m not a vegetarian, but the guy’s clearly a dick. There are plenty of people doing good veggie recipes who are not dicks.


vegetarian lunch

Heh, nice oxymoron.