Government accidentally sends file on "remote mind control" methods to journalist

I’m saying this isn’t an accidental leak of classified material. This is an intentional leak of material that’s been floating around the internet for many years.

Don’t get me wrong: the US government (and most every government with sufficient resources) does shady stuff that is both morally unjustifiable and obviously stupid. This particular group of images, however, is clearly sourced from the public internet, and we have no reason to believe that the US government ever did this particular set of shady and obviously-stupid shit.

We have reasons to believe they did not use the particular techniques described: notably, some of those techniques are patented, and while the patent process makes no attempt to test if applications are remotely feasible and patents largely aren’t effectively tested for novelty in claims during the application process, a patent whose claims overlap with classified research would absolutely be rejected and censored. (We know, from the non-destroyed declassified portions of the MKULTRA documentation, that similar ideas were considered interesting enough to research, of course.)

Had these documents been genuine classified leaks, we would have seen some attempt at censorship in 2008, when other leaks were being tracked down aggressively and before the Snowden leaks changed the PR around material of this type.

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Pretty sure this is exactly what’s going on. I had all these images sitting in a folder on my desktop eight years ago, and so did everybody else with a marginal interest in conspiracy theory culture and an internet connection.

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**AND people laughed when those that haven’t been brainwashed suggested that many many of these mass shootings etc, were the result of government mind control ** If this doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know what will!!

I was impressed by that too…
Here, let me help with another:

Wait, aren’t these some of the symptoms of the American ambassadors staff to Cuba a month or so past? They claimed dizzyness and hissing sounds.

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Google and you find that it is a mind control website from long ago. The person running it (I think) Eleanor White disappeared. The url was removed from archive. Org.

If you download the zip and look at the contents the pdfs are unrelated to the images or the name of the zip file. It looks like someone’s scrap book of news. But nothing that would match the file name.

So. To me it looks like these images had been on raven1 a long time ago. How they got in the folder or how the zip folder is related to them seems far fetched.

Unless someone is implying that these included news events are all the result of mind control?

Since one of the stories is Twitter shutting down terrorist accounts that seems an unlikely link.

I am going with troll-bait.

Sure, it’s a funny story, but I think if journalists got hold of a real mind-control weapon they’d probably use it rather than reporting on it. Especially the honest, brilliant, and sexually desirable journalists at Can you believe that they got snubbed by the Pulitzers again?! It’s insane! I love them and I would literally do anything for them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make a wire transfer of all the money in my bank accounts to their donation link. And so do you! All hail Muckrock!


yes, tinninitius and dizzyness. more false flag? turns out Barbarella wasn’t dead after all (whew).


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I can sell you a device to detect this type of interference.


Now I know what I’ll be listening to this weekend…


And now I’ll be listening to this


Possible alternate theory: person assigned to gather the files and pass them on to the FOIA coordinator has a slow connection on the intranet, or a file-size limitation on email attachments. Because of this he/she elects to use a removable memory device that accidentally already contains the mind-control files, and passes it along to the FOIA rep for delivery to the journalist. Sometimes reality is just this boring.

Um, what about the forced orgasms though? That smacks of a beneficent despotic regime?

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It’s a more direct version of Soma from Brave New World.


Looks around at this thread…


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If you’re not joking about believing the government is remotely torturing you – go seek medical help, man.