Great white shark eats seal off Alcatraz Island


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I see what you did there…


I’ll be glad when this Food Porn trend is over…


Look at what I did…



Is there a technical reason a vertical phone can’t take horizontal video? Just curious.


Well that just killed any desire I might have had to participate in the next Alcatraz swim.


Yes, it’s a phenomenon usually called “Smartphone-is-Smarter-than-the-Owner syndrome”.


Using “artistic” twice in the same sentence. Ten yard penalty and a first down.


You know, I noticed that after the fact but it’d already been quoted.

Vertical filming, fine by me. Football references? Keep your game of sexist abusers away from me.


O ho ho, you knew it was football, didn’t you?


“You said ‘artistic’ twice.”

“We like ‘artistic’!”



The glee of blood.




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A friend of mine is moving out to the Bay area. I have promised to visit, but it’s clear now that I will be bringing my heavy fishing tackle.


People don’t often seem to realize it but the colder deeper waters in northern CA are home to tons of great whites. Add to that the number of sea lions in the bay, and well… stuff like this happens all the time.

For cool videos google “Farallones research” (they’re about 24mi west of SF, and seasonally teeming with great whites).


What are they going to do? Start arming the seals?


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