Green screen scene from Final Destination 5

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You’ve never heard of Final Destination 5? It is only the most final of the Final Destination series!


Until Final Destination 6: Even Finaler slated for 2018, tentatively.

Is there a longer version of this? The 1-second .gif is cool and all, but kind of brief.


Yes. The longer version of the gif is Final Destination 5.


Penultimate Destination N-1 wasn’t as good as the final one.


I think I’ll watch Final Destination 5 back to back with The Neverending Story II.


The Final Destination movies were based on an unmade spect script for The X-Files. The two Agents in the first film were original written as Scully and Mulder. Most of the films in the series aren’t very good but Final Destination 2 was a lot of fun.

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I’ve heard that the director’s cut is, in fact, infinitely long.


huh, that’s interesting, never knew that. i guess it’s hard to make death the monster of the week, so i can see why x files didn’t shoot it. worked out well for the writer though.

That crumbling bridge scene is composited against background footage of Vancouver’s Lion’s Gate bridge and the Stanley Park sea wall. If you visit, put aside a couple of hours to walk in the park.


That’s a pretty impressive jump and ledge grab by that stunt person. I’m sure there’s lots of padding involved but that still looks painful and dangerous.

Also, I don’t know these movies all that well but I’ve watched portions of at least a few of them and while sure, they are pretty stupid in general, the Rube Goldberg death scenes are quite entertaining. Especially when you’re trying to guess which Chekhov’s Gun is going to off each character.

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