Greg Gutfeld calls for civil war to force Democrats to adhere to his political opinions

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Fox still needs someone who can do the Tucker Tilt.


The same so-called conservatives who insist every child begins their day with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance clearly never spent any time contemplating what the word “indivisible“ means.


It is kind of a big word… but maybe to them it means forcing everyone to be just like them, because reasons.


That’s some straight up Idiocracy -level reasoning.


No, again, it’s fascism. It’s always fascism now. They want a civil war, because they want an excuse to kill the people they don’t like. that’s what is happening…

The more we keep pretending these are just idiots and not dangerous people out to kill a whole bunch of us who aren’t them, the more trouble we’re going to keep getting into.

Start believing them, because they are serious.


About half way through his rant, I was like, “Dude, you’re saying this about Democrats, but you need to look in the fucking mirror while saying that.”


Who is this person, and is there any reason he shouldn’t be stuffed into a barrel and rolled downhill into a river?


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Being ignorant or stupid has nothing to do with fascism. The problem here is the fascism.

The talking heads on faux news are well educated and from an elite class. They know what they’re doing. They aren’t some dunderheads who managed to get a high profile job like this… they got the job, because of their well-heeled background, and because they’ll push extreme ideas into the mainstream. They believe in an authoritarian order, where some (wealthy white men) control the levers of power and those they don’t like can easily be disposed of once they’ve lived out their usefulness (doing hard, physical labor for little compensation).

None of this is happening people stupid people are doing it. People like Murdoch know what they’re doing and they’re doing it intentionally, because they know that a fair and just system that serves all our needs is a threat to their wealth and power. They seek out people who want to be part of their elite orbit to push these extremist ideas out into the ether in order to shape the world to their preferred order.

So, no… these people know precisely what they’re doing. They’re not stupid. THEY ARE FASCISTS. Start treating them like they real threat that they are.


Mr Gutfeld, he say:

We have a moderate president, and we have crime exploding everywhere.

And by “exploding everywhere”, he means that “… levels of nearly all offenses are lower, or have changed little, in the first six months of 2023 compared with the same period in 2022 … Most types of violent crime dropped in major American cities in 2022 …” etc. (Council on Criminal Justice)

Motor vehicle theft is apparently on the increase, though, so maybe that’s what he means by “crime exploding everywhere”.

We had a Democrat president promise that he was going to be moderate, promise that he was going to unite the country. And now we have a terrible education system.

Is it possible that the failures of the education system might be in some way explained by the Republican determination not to spend money on it? Or is “terrible” in this case simply shorthand for “fails to turn out obedient little drones indoctrinated with the peculiar propaganda that we want them to be taught”?

We have no border. We have crime everywhere. Every facet of society is in peril and in chaos, because our elections don’t matter."


“Elections don’t matter” == “Our guy lost, we know he lost, and this is unacceptable!”


This fascist rabble rouser thinks he can say this without consequence, ensconced as he is in a place distant from the Ameristani periphery where a Syrian-style civil war would play out. What he’s too short-sighted to understand is that the central government in such a situation doesn’t have much patience for enemy propagandists. He and the other insurrectionist cheerleaders at Faux will more likely find themselves amongst their rube MAGAt fans in the violent soup that will be civil war Real America™.


You’d ruin a perfectly good barrel. But if you’ve got a rollin’ barrel handy, by all means.


"“Elections don’t work,” said Gutfeld. “We know they don’t work.”

Once you say this, anything else you say gets tossed in the shitter cause you’re a fucking fascist.


We’re being driven out of cities, by the “oppressed.”

He means brown people, right?* This is the “evil” that’s somehow equivalent to the “evil of slavery” that needed to be ended with a war (questionable understanding of the civil war aside)? He’s demanding a war… on brown people? If he hadn’t called slavery an evil, I would assume he was calling for a war to reinstate it, to balance out the civil war, as a perverse equation, but he is calling for something similarly perverse.

*I suppose he also might mean gay/trans people? I’m not aware of that being part of Fox messaging, is he implying queer people only exist in cities, and they’re driving out the cis hets via… some sort of “rainbow mobs”?

There are so many levels of monstrousness to what he’s saying here.


And trans people and gay people and liberals and single women who want to do more than pop out babies, etc… Anyone who isn’t a white straight male, essentially.

But I’m sure he thinks if he can get white, urban liberals to “turn” on POC, that things will work out in his favor.


Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Waters are the Scut Farkus and Grover Dill of Fox News.



Gutfeld is calling for a civil war to reinstate slavery.
Except this time the entire US population will be under the thumbs of an authoritarian government, and those people they despise will be savagely oppressed.


Has anyone normalized this statistic by removing Kia and Hyundai thefts from both the current and prior data?

Recent years knowledge and exploitation of how easy they are to steal probably skew the statistics. It wouldn’t surprise me if this one thing represents the entire increase. But, it would be better to have a real analysis.