Guess what crime ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ writer was just charged with

I eagerly await her next essay: “How to Bust Out of the Joint”


Not to be argumentative (well, I might be… stick with me on this), but wouldn’t irony have truly applied if her husband had murdered her?


Old movies are weird.

For example, Drunk Driving is a recurring theme in Cary Grant films.


Very true. It was the ‘age of the dinosaurs’ back then, and movie formulas were still being tried out. No focus groups back then (at least to any great degree).


Clearly she is innocent and the police were prejudiced by that essay. (I started writing that sarcastically, then realized that if the cops found that essay straight off, that and the fact that she was the victim’s wife would have been enough for many police officers to conclude she was guilty and force the evidence to fit. Plenty of people have been charged - and convicted - based on less.)

Leaving aside the issue that most murders are unplanned crimes of passion (which is the only reason the police manage to catch anyone), that essay is the laziest, most superficial laying out of murder methods and issues. She obviously didn’t do any kind of research or think much about it, honestly. If she did kill him, it was a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing, not part of a clever scheme.


Sure, that would be more fitting of situational irony. Even more so if her husband had used the advice from her book.


Oh, yes!



Yeah, I was chatting with a buddy of mine years ago about this. The surest way to get away with murder is to murder a complete stranger, for no apparent reason.

This is the appeal of the serial killer trope, though. Without an obvious motive, people can just keep on doing it. Nothing links them to the crime, except forensics–which TV and film would like us to believe is a lot more ubiquitous and reliable than it actually is.

Very scary thought. Which is of course why serial killer shows are so popular.


And the so-called special effects! have you seen Casablanca? That’s just an unwatchable mess, especially the scene when the plane takes off. Classic my muscular buttocks.


So poison is too traceable; but personally carrying out a shooting is a good plan? I think someone may failed to think this one through.


if she beats the rap she can write for cracked


I think you posed a great question and you should totally ask it. On the infinite tree of possible conversations spread out before us, I think that’s definitely the most promising branch.

Is … is that supposed to be a joke? Are you making light of someone profiting from their crime? Are you being deliberately offensive, or am I just looking for something to be offended by?

Truly, these are questions for the ages.


it’s a dig at cracked, she wouldn’t be profiting from her crime since the skills are related to lazily rehashing content not murdering :slight_smile:

Dude, this is real easy, you’re making it into something bigger than it is.

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