Gun manufacturer pitches the "JR-15", a rifle for kids styled on the AR-15

I’ll see your battleship potemkin and raise you a real life, RWNJ gun safety instructor.


And why child soldiers are a thing. If a child can be taught to kill before that understanding death is permanent takes hold, it’s much easier to get them to kill people.
I see this gun and its marketing and I think that it is specifically designed to desensitize children to guns in the hopes of creating more second amendment advocates. It is a product designed to mess with children’s minds


And given the overlap between the gun worshipping crowd and the Christian dominonist crowd, that’s much closer than people believe. If we do end up in an actual civil war, I would not be surprised to see teens and older children recruited by the Christian right.


The referenced marketing materials do not appear to have been marketed to children, but rather to adults looking to introduce their child to shooting with a firearm that has more safety features than the alternatives. Even if they could, six year olds don’t walk into gun shops and walk out with a firearm. Adults do that.

The fact is that, whether you agree with it or not, children are given opportunities by their parents to use firearms safely and responsibly - from hunting to competition shooting. If the JR-15 is offered to fill that space with a safer firearm to do so, then that’s a niche worth filling. Heck, competition shooting is an Olympic sport for which athletes train for from early ages.

As a parent, I would prefer that my kids learn about the dangers of firearms at an early age, and are instructed about the enormous responsibility that comes with use and ownership. I’m not going out and buying a JR-15 for them, but I think it’s perfectly fine that other parents have that option to consider.

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Did you read the article?!

That gun isn’t marketed to children? Really You’re going to say that with a straight face looking at that?

And the safety features are bogus. It has an extra special safety lock. Which shouldn’t matter because the gun should be locked up with all of the other guns separate from the ammunition. The child should never be touching it except under the close supervision of their parents.
If a kid cannot be trusted to hold a gun under close supervision by adults then they shouldn’t be holding a gun

No, but 6-year-olds absolutely go to gun shops with their parents. They absolutely go to gun shows. And then they see the gun that looks like a toy with the fun cartoons on it. Under your standard almost nothing is marketed to children. All those ads on kids YouTube videos, add but Saturday morning cartoons? Most kids are not going to go to the grocery store and walk out with their own cereal.
That is a ridiculous argument


Thanks for mansplaining advertising to me… It’s almost like almost all ads are marketed to the people with money…

Again. FIG. LEAF.

You SHOULD be able to do that without putting a gun in their hands. Read the comments above of an ACTUAL pediatrician (@docosc) who knows a little something about the development of children’s minds and perceptions. I’ll trust his assessment on that rather than most people justifying this shit.

Got to train them up early to shoot the libs, after all… /s


I mean, as far as I can tell it has no value to anyone. I don’t believe all guns are bad…I understand hunting and target shooting and so on. But there are things like anti-tank guns and M16s that should pretty much only be available as replicas for military cosplay. In which case the AR-15 would be what, replicas for school shooter cosplay? Ugh.

But I figured I would skip that and allow the possibility of them being useful for targeting, having already been smeared as being all thoughtlessly “guns are bad” by someone who has apparently never seen a gun he didn’t think was good, even when it’s a training version of a murder weapon for kids. :man_shrugging:


“I mean sure it got the single shot part right…”

To be clear (since this keeps getting repeated)
This is not a single shot rifle.
A single shot rifle can be loaded woth one cartrige. It can be shot once and then it needs to be reloaded. Neither is it a single action. It is a semi-automatic (like the majority of modern guns) that fires ammunition that is fed from either a five or ten round clip. It cycles from one round to the next automatically with each trigger pull until the clip is empty


Oh, that’s okay then! Place that right into babbies hands! /s


Well that’s terrible…

I take it back. They got absolutely nothing right and I’m gratefull this will be illegal as hell in Canada.

As has been mentioned before kids lack the emotional maturity to really understand guns and the consequences of them. If your kid is going to be learning shooting I see no legitimate reason they need any ability to fire off another round in any hurry.


For fathers who want to teach their kids shooting, but have micropenises.


The marketing is a bit confusing. “Blow back, single shot, SA”. How can it be all of those?

As you say, though, the gun ships with a single round magazine, but can be fitted with 5 or 10 round magazines, which no child or adult could ever possibly confuse. /s /s /s



Wait till the kids who get them for Christmas start bringing them in for show and tell! /s


That assumes facts not in evidence. It has the same safety features of venerable “teen’s first gun” the Ruger 10/22, a safety switch near the trigger. The design is strictly to appeal to ammosexuals.



For some reason the technical gun-wankers prefer not to take issue with those highly imprecise specs.


The only safety feature there is to be far away from her.


I thought we weren’t going to post pictures of toddlers with guns.


Came for this, was not disappointed.


I believe this is what you’re referring to: