Gunfire interrupts congressional baseball practice


We need a new bingo card now.

“Good guy with a gun”
“Disgust at liberals”
“Trump self-aggrandizing”
“Fake news”


Because of the right wing skew of the overton window in the US, the extreme left is seen as less acceptable than the extreme right. Even social democracy is seen as radical.

Somehow, I think pointing out that “one shooting is one shooting too many, regardless of the target” won’t get through to most of them.

I’m just hoping this isn’t ⊥rumps Reichstag fire moment.


Big Business has made it so; altruism has been marked as being ‘unprofitable’.


I’ll leave this here even though it fits in several threads:


Oh the irony:


If you want to describe his media bubble, it’s the same one the guy that killed the two men in Portland is a part of. Someone who spends their time as a part of social media cliques that are obviously not very healthy. It has less to do with left versus right and a lot more to do with angry internet people spilling into real life. Both men in these cases were Bernie supporters, and both were against the current system. One was converted to racist groups that he attended “ironically,” and one owns his time on Facebook talking pretty much exclusively about how much the establishment sucks.

Yet as we both pick apart their lives on social media, no one questions the platform they spiraled out of control on but their political positions.


If you’re looking for someone to condemn Twitter and question the morality of Facebook, I’m here for you, my friend!



Oh like this guy?


Rep. Loudermilk (who is from the district north of where Newt was a Rep) had some similar partisan shit come out of his mouth today, too. Right after seeing his colleague shot in front of him.


Well that’s why they say its ‘the left’. We’re an undifferentiated gang of thugs, while they are a loose confederation of principled individuals.

deny abuse. reverse victim and offender. repeat.


Newt Fucking Gingrich is one of the few actual individuals on whom the political derangement of America can be pinned. Gingrich took the eliminationist rhetoric of media figures like Limbaugh and Coulter and brought it inside the Capitol building. He taught the Republican Party to condemn liberals as not just the misguided opposition but as sick and evil. If he has a problem with a new Civil War he should probably write a memoir about his own mistakes.


That we never knew @beschizza was a 66 year old man.


Is this where we post tweets where politicians share well-thought-out positions on the role of guns in society and the prospect of violence against government officials?


Has Alex Jones said that it was a false flag operation, and that they were only crisis actor politicians yet?

No? Odd, he usually says that about everything else.



He’s not wrong. I can’t understand how anyone could be that big of an asshat.


More than even Baby Trumpy himself, reading shit that guy says makes me want to get violent. Swear to fucking Christopher, what an asshole.


That would require him to have a fucking ounce of self-awareness. He doesn’t.


Fucking seriously. Taking Clinton to task about infidelity and when questioned about his own, saying it was inappropriate talk to bring into politics.