Guns don't kill people, dogs with guns kill people


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We all know that dogs are just deep-cover spec-ops wolves. Sometimes their mission parameters authorize direct use of lethal force. More typically, they authorize ‘solicitation of ear-scritches to lull them into a false sense of security’. All about the mission, y’know.



Seriously, dogs are the least of our concerns


These dachshunds are up to no good…

(from this calendar


As the food-lady for two doxies, I can confirm: Doxies are only ever up to no good.


Florida passed Stand Your Ground in 2012. Looking at the chart provided, with three of the six incidents before 2012 happened in Florida (50%), while only one of the four after 2012 happened in Florida (25%). That’s a 50% reduce in the incidence of dogs killing people with guns. I would say Stand Your Ground is an important tool in allowing people to defend themselves.

How many of these deaths were during photo shoots for that calendar?


So you think they are guarding the food dish?


“Man’s best friend” Maybe not?


I do not think I can adequately express how much I loved your post.



“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!” Are you objectively pro-badger or something?

(Also, who decided to scatter boxes of 5.56mm around an M2?)


Sounds like the Celeste Cunningham story.


From the image, I’m pretty sure those are boxes of puppies.



I’m with the Sea Otters.

ETA - yes I saw they have the wrong ammo… unless that is a scaled down clone of a Ma Deuce.


Obviously, we must ban dogs now.

No no no! Just like drunk driving, the solution isn’t to ban the objectionable behavior, it’s to practice it, so people (or dogs) can do it well.


People who don’t teach their dogs basic gun safety rules are so irresponsible.


BBC just posted this this morning:

Dog named Trigger shoots owner in the foot


You say potato, I say hashbrown.


And how many cats with guns have shot people?