Guy shows how easy it is to buy drugs near the Taj Mahal in India

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Why give this guy any time in the spotlight?


If this is that pewdiepie antisemitic a$$h0le. Then I don’t know why you are giving him any oxygen. He deserves to be run over with a truck.

Taj Mahal is too long a flight. Does he know anyone closer to my house?


How is hashish not at the top of the list of drugs offered in India? Did something happen to the cannabis crop this year?

He’s apparently clueless about India.

They’re not asking him to buy drugs because they think he looks like a drug user. They ask him because why not? It’s cheap to ask and tourists have money.

Btw, a white dude purchasing illegal substances on the street in India - even just entering into negotiations regarding a purchase - is a really dumb thing to do. You have a good chance of running into a police check when you round the next corner (hint, hint).

Finally, what is so unique about an underground market for drugs? You find these in every city around the world - not sure why he has to make an India thing out of it.

The guy’s a douche.


Disney cut all ties with PewDiePie in 2017. Is Boing Boing really more clueless than them?


Yup. Where isn’t it easy to buy drugs?


Karl Rock is not PewDiePie.

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