Hail the size of baseballs smash through car window in Canada with passengers inside (video)

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This storm was specifically between Calgary and Red Deer. For what it’s worth Alberta is roughly the size of Texas, so saying “a storm hit Alberta, Canada” is very odd to the ear.


Clearly a case of where you needed a good guy with a hailstone.


I was deep in the mountains nearby. Clear sky, middle of night, stars out.

Got up out of the tent to see strange flickering lights to the north, but no thunder. Thought I was trippin’.

Turns out what I probably saw was refracted light from the lightening in the storm that begat this carnage. Never knew this was a phenomena till I looked it up.

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Would it have been a good idea to roll down your windows once you saw what was happening? I probably would not have rolled them down fast enough, and the damage to the rest of the vehicle may be enough to write off the car? But hey, it might have avoided a bit of flying glass. I did notice if you have tinted windows, it gives you a slight advantage when it comes to glass fragments flying everywhere. The window tint can hold things in place a little bit better.

This is how my brother got a free, dented car after my mom’s was totaled, then repaired sufficiently for driving again.

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Things like this always remind me of that scene in “License to Drive” where the Corey’s are chasing the drunk who keeps running into things. All the time Feldman keeps telling Haim, “I can fix that, it’ll buff out. Don’t worry about it.”

If only the real world was like that.

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