Hans Zimmer performs "Inception" live at Coachella

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I don’t think “talented” quite gets at the heart of how freaking hard it is to pull this off live.

Yeah, as much as people give Zimmer crap for his lack of recognizable melody, I think he’s a genius at heightening the FEEL of a scene without overpowering it with schmaltz.

EDIT: This isn’t to say the John Williams school isn’t good in their own way, but what Zimmer does is HARDER in my mind.


I feel like the Inception score is Peak Zimmer. It’s the score that launched a thousand BRAAAAAA horns in trailers and action scenes. And the track “Time” is one of my favorite soundtrack bits of all time.

Can this please be the future of music? At least for a little while?

Absolutely agree. And, as a “sound guy” for 15 years, just want to remind that the talent isn’t only in the performers – producing this type of audio onstage is a stone bitch (a beautiful bitch, but a bitch nonetheless; -) Mad props to the crew, especially the folks who ran monitors and FOH.

I never ran sound for a venue as large as Coachella, but close… It’s chaotic, artistic, technical as hell, and as fraught as your worst bipolar day. Mics go bad, DI boxes die, there’s always one 18" driver out of phase, the drummer is a prima donna PITA, the monitor board invariably comes up a couple of channels short…and where the fuck is that 1.2KHz feedback coming from!?

I know Coachella has had production problems this year, but really it’s a wonder that any of it works at all. (And while s/he’s pbly not proud of it, a little early floundering from the followspot operator helps everyone take a breath <g>)


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