Hapax legomenon: the classicist's googlewhack


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Is Dank Carpet a hapax?


The Old Testament is jam-packed with them, for exactly the reason you described. For the most part we just trust the Rabbis; when they tell us “tohu wa bohu” means “without form and void” we just kind of go , “okay, if you say so.” The phrase appears nowhere else; how are you going to say they’re wrong?


The phrase does also appear here:


The selahim was often known to be adorned with a decorative tnetennba.


On November 18, 2010, I discovered a googlewhackblatt: dodecular. Unfortunately, I published my finding in a book, and now there are 6 results.


Hapax, will travel!

Dank you, dank you very much, dip the staff and dry the steak!




Hmm. We must be getting different google results.


Years ago, coming home late at night, I stepped on a plastic building block in a bachelor apartment where no such thing had been seen before. I bear the scar to this day of the elusive… hapax Lego.





I forgot that the primary purpose of the internet was to make jokes.


And cats.


You may have been cursed. To reverse the curse, you must declare aloud: “Lego me non!


I thought it was…


something something round peg in a square hole?

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