Haru the bull - raised among dogs, and now he acts like one too

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To be clear, very very cute but a 1500 # “puppy” could be a problem as well.


Weighing Seth Meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers


Ah, a Bull-Dog.


He doesn’t behave like a normal cow because we can’t provide him that interaction with his own kind, so he’s a bit messed up, thinks he’s a dog. maybe a duck some days. Sure, he’s fed and cared for, but really, really confused… we’ll say it’s cute but in reality Haru is sorta fucked up in a sad way.

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Babe was a documentary!

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Especially if it likes to curl up in your chair.

Is it really all that different than having a dog that has been socialized by humans, though? Who cares if his behavior is atypical of his species as long as he’s content?


I have to thank this is some kind of miniature cow breed. A full-grown cow a behaving like a dog would be dangerous.

Adorable. But dangerous.

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Alena Demidyuk, photo of a COW…

These are all behaviors I have seen in cows and calves and steers not raised with dogs, except maybe the attempt to jump obstacles.

Nope, I reckon not.

Except that many humans love how cow cooks up and tastes in a burger or on a plate.

If only we could all have much bigger backyards and happy puppy bulls and cows giving us love!

I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t disclose that some of my best culinary experiences include the texture and flavor of red meat.

It’s kinda obvious why some of us are squeamish about ‘other’ cultures eating dog, guinea pigs or wales.

I’m used to seeing cows, sheep and pigs slaughtered and know farmers that will do the same with a dog that isn’t working hard enough.

Not sure why I’m not Vegan but I do respect a good philosophy in how to live your life in this world!

I’ve seen plenty of chimpanzees & bears wearing diapers and smoking cigarettes - are they happy? The owner who gets money from the collection cup would like to think so. Human say “awwww” and go along with it.

I’m happy the cow isn’t dead or being abused - but if you want to rescue and rehabilitate an animal, I would think it should be among it’s own where possible.

At some point this cow is literally going to put in a pasture… is he going to accept that well, or act up because he isn’t snuggling on the couch watching TV like he was brought up to know?

Is it being taught to walk properly, according to it’s biological design, or does it hop around like a bunny, putting stresses on bones and joints which will cripple it down the line.

As far as dogs and cats go… I adopted two older cats, they had several years of socializing with other cats… they did very cat-like things. Both lived to 21 & 23. Now my new cat, got it fairly young… he’s not been around other cats and he had a few issues like grooming… I had to socialize him with friend’s cats until he picked up on things. 2 years later he’s very much a cat but his behaviors would be unpredictable if I didn’t take certain steps early on. And it would have been cruel to isolate him and not let him learn these skills (not everything is baked into the DNA).

But I mean, if you wanna adopt a newborn calf and teach it how to wear pants and paint like Rembrandt, I guess ok?

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