Have Bernie present any tweet at the Senate


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Eh. Its cute. But replacing evidence of trump’s duplicity with random shitposts doesn’t help in the fight, they pull focus.

Trump’s lies about healthcare are really important, especially right now.

It isn’t just the repeal of obamacare, its also the repeal of the taxes that fund obamacare. If the republicans ever come up with a replacement, the fact that the taxes have already been eliminated will mean it won’t just be a fight about coverage but how to fund the coverage. Norquist and his crew are essentially being drafted to fight against any replacement.

Trump cares about one thing - his brand. You can talk shit about him all you want he doesn’t care, just don’t tarnish his brand. Bernie’s presentation is intended to pit trump’s brand against the GOP’s actions.


“A cool or low literacy culture cannot accept hot media like movies or radio as entertainment.” -Marshal McLuhan

Perhaps the use of this form of communication will be effective indeed.


Any bets before Lord Cheeto fires of a missive lambasting Senator Sanders for ruining decorum in the senate?


You have a point, but on the other hand, why is it shitposting when liberals lie, but when conservatives lie it’s called “running for President?”


All Trump may have to do is claim that his tweets have been hacked. His nincompoop minions would buy that in spite of the mountain of evidence.


So Trump says that his tweets have been hacked for months without him noticing until now, and his supporters will still think he is capable of being president? (Answer: Yes)

Trump is just a symptom of the problem.


Yes. Symptom… and creator. Nasty cycle.


From what I can see, it’s a tactic to build resistance to the oncoming Paul Ryan Shitsunami.

If everyone thinks that Trump was voted in because people really liked the idea of gutting social services, Bernie’s point here seems to be “That’s not what people voted for, and they will vote you out of office if this is what you do to them.”

I don’t know that it’ll be effective (people are likely counting on a short memory), but it’s a reasonable tactic.

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