Have you seen the entire Mr. Creosote sketch from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life?

It can be manly in insurance.

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We will up your premium semi-annually.

This is the only Monty Python film my wife will not watch with me, and it is exclusively because this scene is so horrific. I think part of it is that it clashes so impressively with the typically jovial and not quite so dark humor of most other sketches in the Monty Python repertoire. It has always left an impression on me as one of the most terrifying scenes in movie history. Never has shear and total gluttony been so brutally portrayed in film. If it is disturbing to Quentin Tarantino, that pretty much says it all.

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I love that short film, and how it later tries to take over the main film…


It’s all tax-deductible…


I never thought of it until just now, but - Mar a Lago dining room: Would you like your McDonald’s as separate items, Mr. Trump? Or just all mixed together in a bucket?

I think we know what his choice would be.

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We’re fairly incorruptible.

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We’re sailing on the wide accountant-sea…


Oh Dennis, there you go bringing class into it again.


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