Hawaii governor: I wanted to tell everyone nuke alert was fake – I just forgot my password

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It’s fucking 2018. The information age. Not listening to your IS and IT staff is inexcusable. Their job is to ensure your tech runs smoothly. These fuckups wouldn’t happen nearly so often if politicians and public servants paid attention to the people who run their infrastructure.


This seems like a good place to ask:

What’s a good hardware based password manager?

I was hot to trot for this guy, but it never got funded:


No no, you just have to remember the phrase. Is it “Oh be a fine password”? Nope. “Now is the time for all good passwords”, nope. “THE QUICK DOG JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG’S BACK 0123456789 DISPAD GA SEND”, nope…

Just adhere to the classics, and everything will turn out nicely.

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This is getting ridiculous. The agency head has quit and Governor Ige is getting beat up over things that, while certainly ultimately their responsibility, are not really mistakes they made. I’m not a huge fan of my boss the governor, but I’m not unhappy that he doesn’t do his own tweeting. When this twitter-access aspect of the story broke locally a couple of days ago he said he was on the phone to the emergency management people. That’s kind of what I want my governor doing, not tweeting.

It’s always swordfish.

He just needs to look at his old comics:


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