HBO: Deadwood movie is finally happening

Yes! Absolutely completely yes.

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More or less abruptly than the way they ended The Sopr


Actually I was surprised after the fact to learn Al Swearington and Seth Bullock were real people.

The first episode features a real life incident where Bullock hangs a man in his custody rather than hand him over to a lynch mob.

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Both Tim Olyphant and Ian McShane have been totally killing it actingwise since the show. Watching them return to the screen together fills me with squeeeeee.

BTW for anyone interested in seeing Tim Olyphant as a comedic actor, I highly recommend Santa Clarita Diet (not for the squeamish though).

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More as if the last season of The Sopr was never made. The Sopr at least had a final episode, albeit an ambiguous one.

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So many actors from this show became favorites because of this show

I still get happy when I spot Jim Beaver in something, especially when he puts on that simple but wise persona (yeah it’s trope but he’s especially good at it). I’m rewatching Breaking Bad tight now and just got to the scene where Walt buys a gun from an illegal dealer played by Beaver. Beaver injected so much character into such a tiny scene.

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