He took a photo of his face every day from 1998 to 2023

When I see pics of myself from 30 years ago, I pause a bit on that full head of hair I had, LOL.
Though you can tell that it was in the process of leaving. :slight_smile:

No, he used different cameras. If you turn on the subtitles, you can see what was used along the way.


Alignment is described in the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions •__• JK Keller

Bonus: check out the rest of his wild website.

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the one time he couldnt do the photos for 5 months;

I went to Antarctica to work for Antarctic Support Associates, a contractor that was in charge of employing the support staff for the United States’ Antarctic Program. I applied for a janitor position, which I received, for the summer 1999-2000 season

and he isnt finished yet with the project;

The project will continue until the day I die. Only then will it be complete, and worth its true value. Hopefully the completion date is far off, but you never know, right? Unfortunately, I won’t ever see it finished. It’s really a heckuva Catch-22 I’ve set up for myself.

this dude seems really something special. love it.

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Loos like he really liked that dark gray hoodie with orange trim, as well as the neon green hoodie.

Well done sir!


Interesting - I look ed at his FAQ and it only mentioned the one camera.

He is using photo editing/manipulation software to centre his eyes, so even if he had variable backgrounds he could have edited those to be whatever he wanted. No consistent background needed, really.

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ehhh doesn’t that destroy the spirit of such a project?

cropping or centerig and changing backgrounds etc are two very different classes of edit imho.

one is removing things, the other is truly “changing the bits”

??? its about his face, not the background; a changing bg would just distract from what its about, right?


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