He tweeted once at Trump, then got $69 Million from New York for ventilators that were never delivered

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Another example of big-government inefficiency. I can deliver nothing for just $1 million.


Better budget for some overtime just to be safe and call it a nice round $2.5M.


Truly the best people, he knows them all.


For those who don’t get down far enough into the news article:

A review of Oren-Pines’ social media shows he has been tweeting at Trump [since 2011] and been a vocal supporter since at least December 2015 when [he offered], on the website, to put up a “Trump for President” lawn sign in front of his house.

Since late January, Oren-Pines has posted a handful of tweets related to the coronavirus, including one on [March 20] listing stock index performance in different countries, showing that only China had made a small gain, and describing the idea that China might benefit from the pandemic as an “interesting conspiracy theory.”

A week later, he tweeted in response to the president’s call for ventilators.


Putin never could have hoped for as great a return on his investment as trump has delivered.

Seriously how broken does the government have to be that a guy with no relevant experience can reach out to the president and almost immediately the task force headed up by the VP is vouching for him to recieve $69 million for an unchecked promise of ~$20 million worth of ventilators?


I believe the “how” is that for 9 years, Oren-Pines cynically greased Trump with words of support, then — knowing Trump’s incompetence, gullibility, and desperation — cashed-in by playing the big I’ve-got-ventilators hero. No vetting by the WH… or by NYS, for that matter. Con men live for desperate marks.


And the race is on!

Can right-wing grifters steal more from American tax payers via this calamity than they did during the Iraq war.

Ready, steady…go!


I can offer the same ventilators for only $68 million, if you can come up with the cash. Call me URGENT.


Hi URGENT, I’m dad.


Wonder how much Trumpy’s cut of the deal was?


Given his famed negotiation and bizness skills, he probably wound up owing this guy 20 million.


Isn’t Oren-Pines one of Trump’s golf courses?


I wonder what the interest is on $69m for one month? Maybe he could completely reimburse his grift and still come out ahead on the deal.


Another neo-con move by Coumo… he postures as well as Gulliani and will prove to be just as toxic …

NY State purchasing guidelines

“ Prequalification Criteria
An agency may establish minimally acceptable qualifications that an offerer must meet in order to be deemed responsive. These may include but are not limited to: adequacy of resources, experience, and past performance. If the agency elects to apply a prequalification screening, it must disclose in the RFP both the prequalification criteria and that offerers not meeting these criteria will be eliminated without further evaluation. Typically, prequalification criteria are scored on a pass/fail basis.”

Yeah - it was because they had to let Donnie’s boy wet his beak.

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The Grifter in Chief was grifted by a more gifted grifter.

Coming soon from Universal Pictures – “The Sting III: 2020” The first time it was personal, this time it’s pandemical.

The long con conned con Don.


Time to put GM and Ford to work manufacturing guillotines and tumbrils.

I realize maybe you were being sarcastic, but that’s obviously not really the lesson here.

Con-artists have a way of sniffing out a mark. Typically it’s the dumb and the desperate. Trump is intellectually lazy (to put it mildly), plus he wants magic bullets and he wants them now.


I’m not sure a previous administration, Democrat or Republican, would recommend an unknown vendor get millions of dollars without someone doing a little background check first. Big government can work wonders when you have smart and moral people running things, not so much when you have the lazy and self-interested in charge.

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People who grift selling vaporware for life saving equipment during a pandemic should be locked up for a minimum of 10 years.

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