Headline fail: Alabama Republicans divided over 'sex clams'


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I’ve had sex clams, and Sir these are no sex clams.


I’m not an Alabama Republican, but I am personally strongly in favor of sex clams.


Come on, his hands are visible and the article author even found the clam picture, someone must be photoshopping the two as we speak.


Is this the news from Mussel Shoals?


Some republicans want to have sex with them and some don’t.




Pretty sure sex clams like to hang out here.


in my to do list I have sex clamps …does that count


I understand Judge Moore also has a bucket of nose clams fresh from the sea – sweet, delicious nose clams that are lookin’ for a home, if you follow me.

Also, I keep thinking people are talking about Rudy Ray Moore – is it just me on this one?

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

The Sex Clams are my favorite 1970s coastal New England punk band.


That scene from Police Academy is literally how I learned about homosexuality. I didn’t know why it was funny and asked my parents to explain the joke.


Is that where pearl necklaces come from?


That they put “clams” instead of "claims in their headline amuses me some, that they put “sex” instead of “abuse” less so.


Pretty sure Sex Clam was part of the B-52’s misguided collaboration with Soft Cell.


No Family Guy references?https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/familyguy/images/a/ac/Drunken_Clam.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20091126033853



Quick and dirty


What is the joke?