Hear how to make Stroboscopic Audio Panning to improve hallucinations on LSD for New Year's.

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I would think that for most people a software VST host is more achievable. So for example you can use (free) VSTs to do effects processing in (free) Audacity. That would involve pre rendering though.

For live processing something like this would do the job:

I’ve never used that (I’m a Live person, it ships with autopan but you could patch one together fairly easily). Here’s a list

And a list of autopan VSTs. https://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/5-of-the-best-vst-au-autopanning-plugins-633180

And that’s before you go Mac (Mainstage is probably your easiest) or iOS, I’m sure you can get an autopanner for Garageband.

I just mention this as if you want it for NYE hardware might be a bit of a stretch right now and software more achievable.

Not that I’ve a downer on hardware.


Is there no alternative firmware for any of the ubiquitous 5.1 amps?

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Actually it occurs to me that two iOS devices midi synced and outputting to two stereos would.do for 4 channel.

I don’t know of any firmware upgrades for you home theatre type thing though lots of DAWs support 5.1 if your card does. But that’s money.

Is a different thing but M4L almost certainly has a patch that does everything you want. And if you want to go free Pure Data will have too.

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If I am remembering correctly, if you don’t mind some pink floyd, ummagumma, side 3, track 3, there is a section that does exactly this in quadraphonic sound


So much effort! Just do Dark Side of the Moon, timed so that Speak to Me/Breathe hits right as you begin to peak.


My approach to make LSD induced “music” was to record the modular plus FX into Ableton then use a 3D panner effect, coupled with two random LFO’s (controlling the pan/position) to animate the flat mono track.

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In my experiences on psychedelics, the “freakiest” moments are not those with intentionally psychedelic imagery or sounds, but mundane things like the wood grain pattern on the cabinets or the freaking horn section in “Only a Northern Song”. Audio hallucinations are near constant, so to me this would just sound like background.


For me personally, I go for the sound within sound experience.
Taking a source and turning it into a wide panning and phased experience becomes Captain Beefheart’s Strictly Personal.
Taking one source within that sound and treating it becomes Jimi Hendrix. The band soundfield remains steady, but the guitar is panned for effect.
I agree with Cannibalpeas. You can plan a million ways to enjoy your psychedelic experience, but it’s the teeny weeny little things that grab you the hardest. Having a nonstop panning swirling effect sort of sounds like a roaring ocean where a sip of water may be more satisfying.


Agree completely. Honestly, if you’re building a wall of tech to produce and focus on a specific effect for your intended psychedelic trip, you’re definitely doing it wrong. Just relax and let the randomness of your surroundings take you. Trust me, that table lamp next to you is going to make music like you can’t believe.


just goes to show that what some people is cool on acid is definitely not what is cool for others. Like - I don’t want to listen to grinding metal grates or whatever this is. “Jut relax and allow it to wash over you” as it grates off the top layer of my audio skin. If I put this on my friends would take the music controls away from me. I don’t want that.


Couldn’t agree more. Just don’t try it with Psychic TV’s “Raising a Demon” Can really shift the experience.

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Easier, and more sensory diverse, way to use music and psychedelics:

  1. Put on the music of your choice.
  2. Crank it up to your favorite number.
  3. Put some interesting and/or appealing video on the main viewscreen.
  4. Enjoy the synchronicities that even a ‘sober’ brain will have a vertiable field day finding/noticing/creating.

But remember kids, psychedelics are very powerful tools for learning and introspection. That said, drop till ya dance.

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