Hell cruise: 20 people ordered to leave ship after brawl

I can only hope so, especially if it was preceded by phases like “Oh, so yer a hard man now, are you?” and “Oi, you. Outside. Now!”


Wow, I’m not certain I’ve ever seen such a lacklustre attempt by someone to demonstrate their feeling of moral superiority over someone else on the internet!

Here’s hoping you’re old enough to be thoroughly blind to the hypocrisy of criticising someone else for their sense of superiority based on nothing more than your own sense of how morally superior you are to them!


Even if the setting isn’t a pretty close representation of my idea of Hell; I swore off cruises at a very early age. No amount of all-you-can-eat-buffet is worth getting blown up over.

And, if its not that, its this.


I’ll take the back-handed compliment. I knew it was imminent, but I’m surprised by the how quickly someone accused me of virtue signaling.

Alas, my contempt for cruise lines is quite real. Their steady business has nothing to do with anyone’s individual intelligence. Indeed, the central mystery to me is why a lot of exceptionally bright people I know enjoy them and gather in interesting company to do such a boring thing. As for the cruise companies, they’re running a profitable business. Nothing mindless about that. Cruise ships are, nonetheless, a bore. Gambling appeals mostly to people who don’t understand statistics. The abundant food is mediocre. The music is usually as mundane as it can be. The environmental cost for the frivolity is nauseating. And the cruise industry is notoriously abusive to its itinerant workforce. If you have an issue with those points, then talk to reality. If you merely want to display your superiority to me for choosing not to sugarcoat my contempt, that’s your problem, not mine.


“Artside! Yew, nah!”

“Nah! Yew, artside, nah!”

“Awl right! Artside! Naaaaaaaaaagh!” [sound of angry drunk landing in the sea]


probably it was something like ‘I thought if they were wearing a thong I was allowed to put my hands all over them’


It’s the prospect of norovirus or catastrophic plumbing and water pipe failure that chases away any fleeting [ETA: heh] temptation for me. Really, though, I’m a more independent traveller and like exploring places that aren’t exact replicas of beigist American culture on my own or with like-minded companions.


True, but I was thinking more along the lines of smaller cruise ships chartered by a particular group who at least get some say in the route.




Shutit, yew slag!

Off-topic, but I can tell you’ll love this article as much as I did.


The only use I have for those moby water malls is as a hilarious contrast to Scientology’s dinky slave-ship “cruise liner”.


I see you’re typing. On the off chance that you’re writing a reply to my reply to your reply to my comment, you needn’t bother. Ask yourself, are either of us going to gain anything of value from snipping at each other? I know my answer. I’m sure you might be a perfectly pleasant person offline. Have a wonderful day.


I’m not going to contest your facts, as they’re all pretty spot on.

It was the well-worded presentation that anyone who enjoyed cruises was beyond contempt (and the workers utterly hapless) that sounded (at least to me) dismissive of fairly wide swathes of humanity in exactly the way so many of us were when we were 16.

(This coming off the Woodchuck45’s “Wal-Mart of the seas” comment, which was a nice double whammy of classism against Wal-Mart customers and cruise-line customers.)

I am perhaps doubly sensitive to this is an era where it’s fairly easy to find us casually contemptuous of large segments of the population, and then wonder why we’re not easily winning elections.

[Edit - too late! Sorry.]


The Queen’s thong or freedom thongs?


I will address this because there’s been a slight miscommunication and I’m of the opinion that it takes two to tango. I do think it’s a boring activity that logically disproportionately attracts boring people, but by no means to I think all are boring or (I think you mean beneath contempt, and I’m not trying to be a smartass by correcting you, it’s a great turn of phrase). Also, I don’t think the workers are hapless, merely exploited and deserving of better.

In my experience Woodchuck45 is a decent and reliable regular. But part of why I posted my reply was because I didn’t entirely concur with the comparison to Wal-Mart. Although Wal-Mart has surely done far more damage to communities and the environment by shear dint of its scope of operations, I find the cruise companies to be more contemptible scale aside.

No worries, the conversation became (to me) unexpectedly productive.


“A Supposedly Fun Thing I’m Not Legally Allowed to Do Again”


Re the people that were ordered off the ship - do they get to wait until the ship is in a port? If not, that would certainly be an effective deterrent for future rowdiness in the cruise industry.


Leave it art, yew muppet! Didjew spill moy pint?! My Dad’s ‘arder than Danny fackin’ Dyer. 'e’ll 'ave yer over if yew even look at me funny!

That’s a fascinating article; rather reminiscent of the old Roger Cormen style of film making. Not too good for the cast and crew, by the sounds of things, but great to see that it is possible to make something coherent for less than $1,000,000.

I think it would be great if we got a return of things like Hammer; with its ensemble cast and regular crew turning out some solid genre fare on what I could consider to be a sensible budget.

As much as I enjoy the massive Summer Blockbusters, I can’t get my noggin around them blowin’ th’ gross nashunal product ov sum fird wulrd nation on a bit of fun for th’ kiddies. It’z mental. Propa mental.


In all seriousness though, I would guess the boat was in port.


Again, no problems with attacking Wal-Mart or cruise lines. I am just very leery about attacking their customers. And yes, I did over-react, so my apologies, but attacking their tastes in a such a cleverly written post seemed counter-productive (and as I said, I am quite sensitive to that in the current climate).

In fact, if I hadn’t found the composition of the original post so amusingly cutting, I’d probably have not replied.

(And I blame lack of coffee for beyond <-> beneath.)

Off to make breakfast for kids on our fine “Family Day” in the frozen North. Have a good afternoon.