Help me with the punchline here


My parents – particularly my father – are not happy with how information is being relayed to the communities near the wildfires blazing away in GA and NC. This is mostly US National Forest burning - which falls under the Department of Agriculture. He said he’s going to write to the new Secretary of Agriculture once in office.

I need the punchline! The best I can do is “He might not believe trees are plants”.

The best (I’m the decider) will get emailed to my father :slight_smile:


Georgia has the best trees…

Okay, visual punchline might not work.


The air down where we are (east of ATL) has been quite smokey for the past couple of weeks. I heard on the radio that they are evacuating some towns in Rabun County (which is on the NE border with TN.

Is you’re dad near there?

Sorry, I have no punch line… my state is on fire! :wink:


Tell him that Joe the Plumber will know how to get the water where it needs to go.


He’s 2 miles from one of the fires in Rabun County but is NOT being evacuated. They think their place is not in danger. (Note - Rabun’s on the GA/NC border actually … whatever is west of it I think might be both part TN part NC border).


We might have a winner.


Oh! Right. Sorry. I grew up in the NW corner of GA… TN is north of there. Although I’ve driven up that way often enough.

Yeah, on the radio this morning, they said they were only evacuating about 24 houses in that area right now.

Anyway, tell your folks to stay safe.


My sister nearly bought one of them, but in the end decided it was too far off the beaten path. It’s a long ride into town from there.


Yep. We get a fair number of wildfires in Texas. Always a good a idea to keep a weather eye on them as they can change direction quickly.

@lamaranagram - What @Mindysan33 said. Hope the fire stays far away from them.


“Since Trump has come to the epiphany that plants grow just fine without the help of an administrative assistant, this position has been abolished.”


“Burning trees are how God speaks to President Trump.”


The wildfires are YUGE - the biggest and the best.

Why do you want the government to step in and regulate the wildfires out of being great again?

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