Her: Spike Jonez's new film


obviously they have left out the part where “she” becomes jealous and attempt to kill her human rivals. That will be the second trailer. Expect lots of BUM BUM and fast cuts. Then screaming women as the computer starts attacking the 'other women" in his life.

It’s a HORROR movie! Not a RomCom people!


For the first little while there, I was convinced that this was a Funny or Die parody. Apparently not.


Inevitable comparison to Electric Dreams (and probably many others I haven’t seen).

I was going to go with Sim0ne. Remember that old terrible movie? Al Pacino starred in that. Yes he did.

That should be S1m0ne. And yes, Al Pacino.

Is there a nanotechnology breakthrough at the end?

Would prefer to see an actual Siri with all of her brittle, limited AI intact.


Wasn’t this an episode of Black Mirror?


…and an episode of Big Bang Theory?

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So: manic pixie dream phone.


Maybe this is just because I’m a lonely depressed woman… but sigh

I’d rather watch a movie about the guy in Russia who collected corpses and dressed them up, actually. There’s a great rom-com in there somewhere I’m sure of it. Using an actual inanimate corpse as the romantic female lead would be refreshingly honest too!


The first thirty minutes of Be Right Back accomplished everything Her is trying to do in two hours.

Among all the other places where this concept has been played out in varying ways, the one I thought of was the Lyla plotline from early Spider-Man 2099 issues. Artificial intelligence falls in love with her human and gets jealous of his human girlfriend, etc…

Manic Pixie Dream Phone… prostitute!


Spike Jonze. Jonze, not Jonez.

Spike Jonze, not Jonez?
(OK, I see I’m not first… )


The secret twist will be that her personality is based on that of an organic woman now in a coma. He’ll have to find that woman and build a relationship with her from scratch, relying on all the self-confidence her facsimile instilled in him.

Yeah, that was one of the better Black Mirror episodes where a woman’s spouse dies and a virtual spouse is created by this online service that helps bereaved people. It seemed like a logical extension of Google’s data mining your email and search history for targeting ads. Sadly the episode went a little too far (as many of them do), but it was still worth watching.