Here are the "most sinful" cities in America

I’ve lived in 4 places and all are in the top 12 (St. Louis, BR, Houston, and I’m from New Orleans). The idea that St. Louis or Baton Rouge has more “Excesses & Vices” than NOLA is absurd. We’re damn good at what we do in the City that Care Forgot.

Just read the methods:
They counted “Fast-Food Establishments per Capita”, “Share of Adult Coffee Drinkers”, and “Debt-to-Income Ratio” as Full Weight aspects of excess and vice. WTF?

Coffee is manna from heaven, fast-food squeezing out local restaurants is sinful but it ain’t vice, and debt. Seriously?


Okay: caring about others, not doing injustice, voting: I slough off my sloth there. And as a “liberal” value, I agree with Rorty: cruelty is the worst we can do. Other than that, Sloth in moderation?


What Would Anubis Do?


Detroit’s only #27? Despite all our crime, corruption, legal weed, casinos? Pshaw! and Pfui!


I don’t think the Dudeists would take any exception to that. Sadly, in mainstream Christianity it’s been twisted I to the Protestant Work Ethic.


i don’t know… St. Louis can party. i’ve been to very very memorable parties there.


Testify, sister!

My wife and I went to the vote-counting brouhaha at 12th and Arch during the 2020 election, and somebody had tagged a wall around the corner with that. We took a selfie, naturally.




It happened to me on Detroit’s lower east side, I shit you not.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself every time I’ve visited Cleveland, esp bar-hopping in The Flats. I only make fun of Cleveland when its inhabitants dare to make fun of Detroit. I have a great, horrid, true Cleveland story that invariably makes them all decide to


Surely you can’t just stop there.


Well, all right.

I’ve lived in Detroit most of my life, and have seen some pretty big rats here. The biggest one I’ve ever seen, however, was in Cleveland.

I was in The Flats during Undercurrents, a 3-day music fest showcasing unsigned bands at various bar/pub/club-filled locations each night. My roomies at the time (probably '96 or so) included four chaps who were members of 4 different bands, one of their GFs, and my then-BF. One of those bands, Fathers of the Id,* had sent in a demo, and was invited to perform.

My BF and I decided to have a smoke and a walk at one point after The Fathers’ set, and we wandered out into a parking lot.

We walked past a couple dumpsters, and a rat as big as a good-sized opossum took a casual jog between them.

My BF jumped, and screamed like a little girl. I was already pointing and laughing like hell at the rat, then pointed at my BF and laughed at his reaction. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t hide behind me.

I laughed so hard and for so long, my stomach ached.

Oh, and, yes, I do know the difference between rats and opossums. I got a good, long look at that sucker as it sauntered along [LOL], and it was indeed A Rat.

*IKR?! They were as great as their name: the singer/guitarist sounds like a cross between James Brown and Aretha, the bassist has A Golden Thumb, and the drummer has Perfect Time. Psychedelic, funky, weird, bluesy, trippy AF, and lotsa fun.


Great story indeed! :laughing:


/deeply bows, sweeps hat near floor



notably, Ohio (Cleveland) is home to the OG punk group with perhaps the most nihilistic name of them all: the Dead Boys, described in wiki as

regarded by many as one of the rowdiest and most violent groups of the era


I’ve met of a few of the monster rats down there (and larger in other neighborhoods), but most of the downtown rats right now are of perfectly sensible size. We’ve got some construction up on Public Square so the rat population is far more visible than usual (I’ve heard the description moving carpet more than once), but they are all normalish size.

I had a very heated dispute with our wedding DJ because he refused to believe that I wanted Sonic Reducer played during our reception.


Oh man, I wish I was at your wedding. But the way I drink it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t


That’s a f’ing terrifying thought!

Shame on them! It’s your reception, not theirs, FFS!

RIP Stiv


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