Here's our first look at Ncuti Gatwa's 15th Doctor

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Wait, the awesome actor from Sex Education is the new doctor? Awesome choice, he’s fantastic.


I dub him the “Halloween Suit” Doctor. It’s my favorite holiday, no complaints here.

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As a fan of this outfit, I will be gravely disappointed if, during his tenure, there isn’t at least one instance where someone compares it to 1970s furniture.

e.g.: “Excuse me, have you seen a black guy dressed like a '70s couch anywhere?”


Second Black Doctor.


Maybe they mean the first black Doctor they plan to not completely waste?

Plot went nowhere with the Fugitive Doctor and it was a waste…I really felt Jo did a great job and was very surprised she just disappeared.


She got to make a few appearances (no spoilers just in case) but they could have given her a bit more for sure :woman_shrugging:t3:


Technically you’re correct, but I’m referring to numbered Doctors that have anchored their own series.

The Fugitive Doctor and the War Doctors are the modern versions of the Valeyard. They’re technically regenerations of Doctor, but not in the traditional sense.

If we’re taking the War Doctor and the Fugitive Doctor into account, Ncuti Gatwa is the 16th Doctor and not the 15th like the BBC’s own promotional material refers to him as.


So Tennant Part II must officially count as a numbered Doctor then, or Gatwa would be 14. Or am I missing something?

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16th Doctor. My bad. Lol

It’s a personal quibble, but I hate all of the non numbered Doctors. They’re all a little too fan fictiony for me.

“Hey, here’s this super cool Doctor that existed before the Hartnell era. Doesn’t that blow your mind?!”

It’s both hacky and corny, in my book.


That’s how we roll around here though, right? :wink:


Don’t get me started on that Timeless Child nonsense - making the Doctor some sort of ancient demi-god/chosen one shows Chibnall completely misunderstands what makes them great. I really hope all of that is thrown down the memory hole and never spoken of again.

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Big facts. Lol


And there’s the odds and sods.



I would say that the biggest problem with Doctor Ruth here is that she’s part of a poorly-conceived storyline.

The second biggest is that, by implying her to be a pre-Hartnell incarnation, they invalidate all of his character development. The best way to do pre-Hartnell incarnations, in my opinion, is to clearly emphasize that they are a different person from the Doctor we know. By making her the same kind of person (only slightly more ruthless) it undermines the point of even having that storyline in the first place.

I personally headcanon that she’s either a season 6B incarnation, or a time fragment from that time the Doctor’s personal history was rewritten to make them the origin of reincarnation, before their history was rewritten again to put them back to being an ordinary Time Lord.

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