Here's the weirdest, scariest stuff Trump said at 77-minute 'I’m not ranting and raving' meltdown

That’s the term she used in describing what I don’t get about the POTUS’s agenda.

The cheap joke, of course, is that it’s a bowel movement. But that’s just too easy.


Why can’t it be both?


He thinks people still have to wait until the next day to see headlines. Duuuuuuuuude. He really misses the 20th century.


It goes contrary to Trump’s fundamental instinct, which says that everyone who didn’t actively support you is an “enemy” that needs to be destroyed. I don’t think it’ll sink in. I think he’s a man who will hate - and try to sabotage - over half the country while he remains in office.


The guy is illiterate. The only thing he knows about print media is what they say about it on TV.


Semi-related tangent:

My honours thesis was in the field of psycholinguistics. During the research for that, there was a period when I spent three months listening to a couple of four-word sentences repeated thousands of times, examining them for speech production errors (I was looking at stuttering and methods to artificially induce it).

Often, when trying to characterise a speech error, I would isolate and loop a single word or phoneme. Do this enough, and you start to notice something very weird: if you loop an isolated phoneme, it very rapidly stops sounding like human speech at all.

I don’t just mean that it was unintelligible nonsense. Looped phonemes turn into clicks and hisses and whistles of the sort that you’d expect from an insectoid alien in a SF film.

It’s a startlingly clear demonstration of just how much of human speech perception is psychologically constructed. The words you hear have very little in common with the actual physical soundwave.


No mention of this?


“I have been briefed. I and I can tell you, one thing about a briefing that we’re allowed to say, because anybody that ever read the most basic book can say it, nuclear holocaust would be like no other.”

That’s not the scariest thing? Someone had to reinforce that nuclear holocaust is bad in a briefing.


Also keep in mind his standard litigation strategy: it doesn’t matter if he loses, just so long as he can bankrupt the other side in the process.

If he thinks he’s going down, he will try and take the country down with him.


Oh yes, the one that got me so much I couldn’t think of a damned thing to type, my jaw dropped and I just laughed uproariously.



I don’t doubt it. But I do wonder whether the Republicans who are actually patriotic (as opposed to those who treat politics like a sports team) could be woken up by the proper wording.


I was at work. This came on as a Facebook Live video. I listened to it on my headphones while I was working. Then, I was just sitting there, dumbfounded. W T F? This dude is our president? It’s like they took Grandpa Simpson and made him Commander in Chief.


Except Abe is so much more benign.


The President wants to know what you think. Feel free to answer the questionnaire, and then fill in bogus contact info at the end if it makes you feel squeamish.


OK, he gone off the deep end. He’s has to step down. This can’t continue.


Turds of a feather…

…wiffy together.


I just keep coming back to the thought that all the moral people, who love their country infinitely more than their ideology, will just need a triggering incident . . . Lots of Republicans are honorable, just, faithful. They get bent out of shape by the contention that is the US system, as surely also Democrats do too.
They will have a sticking point. I believe this. :sweat:


I just saw someone posted the entire press conference on youtube with a headline about how Trump “destroyed CNN and the fake media”, and the comments are filled with typical alt-right trolls nodding their heads in agreement and bitching about all the “cucks” who “just dont get it.”

Uhhh. . . yeah, I don’t get it. . . we were watching the same press conference, right? There’s nothing to “get”, it was rambling and incoherent, and mostly him complaining.

Fox News, talk radio, conservative blogs, they will all do their best to carry water for him, but he is whittling his approval rating down to the base, everyone else is seeing him flounder and flail about. The very idea of having a campaign rally a month after taking office is the biggest tell of all: he’s all out of ideas, that’s all he has to fall back on.


Plus, he needs to feed off of the energies emitted by the masses.