Here's the weirdest, scariest stuff Trump said at 77-minute 'I’m not ranting and raving' meltdown


I don't doubt it. But I do wonder whether the Republicans who are actually patriotic (as opposed to those who treat politics like a sports team) could be woken up by the proper wording.


I was at work. This came on as a Facebook Live video. I listened to it on my headphones while I was working. Then, I was just sitting there, dumbfounded. W T F? This dude is our president? It's like they took Grandpa Simpson and made him Commander in Chief.


Except Abe is so much more benign.


The President wants to know what you think. Feel free to answer the questionnaire, and then fill in bogus contact info at the end if it makes you feel squeamish.


OK, he gone off the deep end. He's has to step down. This can't continue.


Turds of a feather...

...wiffy together.


I just keep coming back to the thought that all the moral people, who love their country infinitely more than their ideology, will just need a triggering incident . . . Lots of Republicans are honorable, just, faithful. They get bent out of shape by the contention that is the US system, as surely also Democrats do too.
They will have a sticking point. I believe this. :sweat:


I just saw someone posted the entire press conference on youtube with a headline about how Trump "destroyed CNN and the fake media", and the comments are filled with typical alt-right trolls nodding their heads in agreement and bitching about all the "cucks" who "just dont get it."

Uhhh. . . yeah, I don't get it. . . we were watching the same press conference, right? There's nothing to "get", it was rambling and incoherent, and mostly him complaining.

Fox News, talk radio, conservative blogs, they will all do their best to carry water for him, but he is whittling his approval rating down to the base, everyone else is seeing him flounder and flail about. The very idea of having a campaign rally a month after taking office is the biggest tell of all: he's all out of ideas, that's all he has to fall back on.


Plus, he needs to feed off of the energies emitted by the masses.


Oh. My. Dog.


all i know is, i'm drinking whiskey like it's going out of style and i suddenly respect the media so, SO MUCH for putting up with this and finding the strength to continue poking and digging.


I seem to recall W doing something similar 12 years ago.

He wanted to privatize Social Security :rolling_eyes: and he thought the '04 election had earned him "political capital" that he could cash in somehow with a speaking tour.


Yes, I remember this too, but Bush was pushing a specific policy idea, whereas Trump just seems to be "trying to get his groove back." It looks desperate, and could push his poll numbers even lower.


"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."
-President George W Bush, Greece, NY, May 24, 2005


Seriously, I mean is English his primary language? I think he knows about 100 words and keeps repeating them.


The media also gave grossly out of proportion coverage to his nonsense early in the electoral season. Like 2-3 times as much air time as other primary candidates with equal or greater public support.

So, they have kinda played both sides of this shitstrom. But campaign financial reform, or any real finance reform, is always going to be marginalized, because the medias main source of profit is selling campaign ads.

Some nonsensical sound bites make for good tv though.


He doesn't even complain. Complaining is pointing to specific problems and possibly proposing solutions.

He just generally whines.


Spot on ...

Nobody took him serious and the networks used him as comic relief and woah, did that backfire !?


He gave the same speech they would have given in that situation. They can't see his limitations because they share them, including with his narcissism and sense of persecution. They have angry feelings and when they try to articulate them, people with flowery words they don't understand beat them down with knowledge they don't possess; and now, lo and behold, they've leveled the playing field by rendering truth and substance completely irrelevant.

Presently the headline on Fox is "FIGHTING BACK: Conservatives to mobilize amid anti-Trump protests."

While his disapproval rating has jumped, his approval rating has only declined about 5% since the inauguration. At this point the question I'm asking myself is: Just how bad at being president does he have to be for his supporters to recognize their mistake?


He's upsetting the liberal snowflakes and the lamestream media, so he must be doing great!