Here's the weirdest, scariest stuff Trump said at 77-minute 'I’m not ranting and raving' meltdown


Couple of days?. They take decades ruling on some really straight forward stuff. You don’t go to the Hague for quick action.


No one can understand it. Still waiting on translation.


To be fair, they don’t tend to give people who are under trial many open mic press conferences…



I think it’s best distilled to:


Behold, one of the greatest headlines ever to be written:


Holy Cow! Did anybody watch this thing High AF?


“Russia is a ruse” sounds great in my head with Sean Connery voice.


Yeah, if he starts indicating that he feels the whole country is his enemy, we’ve got to start really worrying.

Fingers crossed.

I took it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the survey responses aren’t even recorded - they’re just designed to create outrage in his base to get them to donate money, which is the actual purpose of it.


watched all hour and 53 minutes of the video, so you wouldn’t have to

Pure altruism? Or a bit like when you can’t stop watching QVC?

This plunger is so great. I can’t believe how great it is. We have the best plunger here.


OMGawd I had the same thought as I read through them. I was trying to answer them as if I voted for him yet gently send a alternate message but if I truly voted for him I could see these making me rage more against the media. The one question that made me nervous…“should president Trump do something about the media?” WTF!!!


Lets hope then he goes down before he realizes it. It allready startet. His goverment is falling apart, the castle of bullshit he and his cronies have cosntructed is collapsing and he himself is obviously starting to come undone. He is not a president. He never was. He is a shitty con artist that has bitten off more than he can swallow.


I think we need to be fair to the President.

He never said the White House was a finely tuned machine. If you watch that part of the “Pres” conference he was very precise and clearly thinking carefully and using all of his brain power to give an accurate statement.

He very specifically said the White House was operating like a finely tooned machine. Toon being slang for a comic animation.

I am not sure what toon he had in mind when he said this. It could have been South Park or Tom & Jerry or Toy Story or American Dad. However it was 100% certain he was comparing the White House to a cartoon.

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If I was a betting man, I’d go for one of those weird and scary Soviet-era ones.


Nah, not for the groper-in-chief:


Well done!

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McSweeney’s already did this with Trump’s Black History Month speech.


There was another well known controversial politician who used to stay up into the early hours badgering staff and who used to make long, rambling speeches interspersed with threats and self-promotion, but I’m not going to mention the name because I would then invoke Godwin’s Law.

At least Czechoslovakia no longer exists so Trump can’t invade it.


Americans, when are you finally going to get rid of this baby?


You don’t believe that do you? If he wanted to, he could, and it would be the best, just you listen, it would be the hugiest invasion of Czechosolvkistan ever.
trust me. He knows the best invaders, the very best. Whats more, he would negotiate the costs right down, does it all the time, he has the best costs, the bestest possible costs.

(hey, this shit writes itself almost !)