Here's why Roger Stone could be the unnamed person in new Russia indictment


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I don’t know much about Stone, but in interviews he comes across as fairly intelligent. I just can’t understand why he would waste that talent on such a bumbling, incoherent, and insecure fool as Trump. The answer can’t be “oh, because Stone is right wing and evil”, because if that was his main motivation he could have struck up a much more fruitful relationship with Paul Ryan.


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The reason NO AMERICAN was charged – Mueller is betting no-one will show up to answer the charges. If they do discovery will be sought and the DOJ will drop the case.

In the Russian troll farm case he thought the same thing but one of the defendants has requested a speedy trial.





If only disaffected Trumpkins really would get together and burn some shit down!

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Not enough disaffected Trumpkins (yet?) to form a critical mass.

„Nur die dümmsten Kälber wählen ihre Schlächter selber.“
– Bertolt Brecht


At the time Roger Stone was publically claiming to know that guccifer 2.0 was not connected to Russia. This would make it seem that those claims were intenional lies.


The best thing about Roger Stone to ever come out of the Internet:


CoffeeStar, If you have access to Netflix, this doc could help you understand why a media savvy sleazeball like Roger Stone prefers Trump over Ryan. (Or, why Ryan, as awful as he is, might prefer to avoid Stone).


Right, because sure far the investigation has been just spinning it’s wheels and nobody has noticed. How about the numerous Americans that have been indicted, or already pled guilty during the investigation so far?

How many people were charged with anything during the 4 year long Benghazi investigation?


Stone is either an idiot or making a feeble attempt at a PR effort to direct suspicion away from himself.

He says its not him because the indictment says “who was in regular contact with senior members of the Trump campaign” and that can’t be him because he was in regular contact with Trump directly. The indictment is being purposely vague here as to not reveal information that they are not ready to reveal. Trump is most certainly in eluded in the subset of “senior members of the Trump campaign”, and if anything he is establishing a direct flow of communication to the Russians through himself, likely to Trump’s peril.


He’s copped to it now:


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“Stone went on to closely parse the language of the indictment, arguing, “My contact with the campaign in 2016 was Donald Trump. I was not in regular contact with campaign officials.””

This is his defense? Are these people for real? Pretty sure SCPOTUS45(*) would be considered the top “campaign official”.


In this case it was a message to one person as clear as a wrapped fish. He is saying that if Trump doesn’t protect him he won’t be offering up some low level staffer when he flips, he’ll be flipping on the one person with the power to protect him. It is meant to sound like incompetence, but it is clearly a threat. Stone isn’t a mainstream politician who needs to maintain a good reputation. He simply needs to avoid a successful prosecution. Anything short of that only helps his marketability for the niche he fills in our political ecosystem.


If that is true, Stone may have a problem; namely, Trump’s not a mainstream politician either, and is more than stupid and egotistic enough to miss the message entirely.


If Stone thinks that Dolt-45 is half the scheming and Machiavellian politician that his idol Nixon was he’s way off.


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