Here's your chance to play a dog in Wes Anderson's next film


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Show-Business here I come.


"It's the part I was born to play, baby!"


Which finally reveals the hidden super hero power Wes Anderson, who with a wave of the hand will single-handedly get the entire hipster universe to roll over on the floor and beg like a dog.

Pure genius.






Dog prefers the term Enhanced Asking.


I can't believe it! I'm going to be the first person to win an Oscar for best actress for voiceover work playing a dog! Plus, I think I'll be the first transwoman to win an Oscar, so that'll be cool.


Izzat your dog? That's a nice dog. Black Lab Alsatian cross?


As far as I know, Ivory is all German Shepherd (Alsation). But more of a eastern-European variant, not the tan with black trim GSDs more common in the USA.

My private name for her breed, given her origin, is the Greater Los Angeles Couch Squatter.


Aaah, yeah. Easier to see with a whole-dog shot. I used to know an Alsatian/Lab cross whose face was exactly like that, see. He was a huge dog, and lovely with it. I miss him.


I've met lab/shepherd mixes and they were generally friendly, smart, and good humored.


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