Herschel Walker delights his lie-loving fans by lying about working in law enforcement

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Given that ACAB, does that mean Mr. Walker is a junior lying B?


Back the blue! Until you need to threaten them because they arrest your Nazi buddies in a uhaul or interfere with your domestic violencing, at which point it’s government overreach? The rules aren’t entirely clear to me.


He gets a pass on that from the MAGA crowd, because he was threatening the police in the process of domestic abuse, which is apparently not just fine with them but actually a plus.

It’s simple: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect… The rules are not about principles, they’re about caste, about hierarchies of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and politics.


And the MAGAts gobble this crap right up. A Trumpanzee who grinds business after business into the dirt is just “a serial entrepreneur who tries really hard”, while a Democrat who cuts staff to keep a business afloat is a failure.

This is never about logic. This is about saying something right-wing in the moment, then moving on.

There’s no point to refute any GQP argument. It’s all bad faith and lies. And it works because they cherry-picked the stupidest racists, xenophobes, and grifters as supporters to build their base. These people are impervious to reason.

One strategy that it seems like they’re trying is the “Rick and Morty" strategy. Stomp on their gas pedal and wait for them to blow by a cop.

Let them tell bigger lies to follow their big lies, deceiving voter after voter. Eventually they’re going to say the wrong things on some topic near and dear to a substantial group of their fascist little followers, and they’ll divide themselves at high speed. For example once they’ve outlawed abortions in their home states, they might lose the support of the church crowds who find their positions on topics like school shooters repugnant.

The problem with that strategy is that democracy may be dead before they implode.


Maybe if he quickly shifts back to hypocrisy they’ll forget about the lies.


And this guy is positioning to be one of your lawmakers…?
Jeez, you folks really are in a fight for democracy and decency there eh…


As much being positioned by the GOP as positioning. The Dems have a very strong incumbent Senator in Raphael Warnock, a clearly intelligent and learned and honest man who was a somewhat famous preacher in his previous career and who happens to be Black. The GOP, displaying its usual lack of imagination, feels the best challenger to Warnock is a somewhat dim-witted and poorly educated pathological liar and hypocrite who was a very famous football player in his previous career and who happens to be Black.

The fight is all over the world but the deterioration of democracy in the U.S. hits especially hard.


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