Hey all you conservatives who praised Putin, forget your humiliating past with this new "Tyranol" pill!

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What’s so braintwisting about Trump/QAnon/GQP doublethink mindset is: they dont just flip from Pro-Russia, then flop to Anti-Russia (each time denying the previous position).

They “floip”, to both, simultaneously. If you are melded to the Republican hivemind you must, at any time, be ready to be either or both at any time, depending on the what Trump/Tucker/Putin just said 5 minutes ago. The Republican Uncertainty Principle and political superposition in practice.


GQP/KKKpublican selective amnesia raises its ugly head, again, today, and likely tomorrow.


I fantasize about having a time machine and going back 6 or so years to tell my father that he was going to vote for a twice-divorced, philandering real estate con artist from Queens who regularly expresses a desire to fuck his own daughter, openly supports Russia and thinks W was a fool.

The doublethink is just astonishing.

ETA: Bonin’ Ivanka.


And the real devil here? Forget Bannon. Forget Stephen Miller. Forget Putin.
The real enabler, the true man behind the throne: Mark Burnett!


Oh, those fickle political winds…


Too bad we can’t FOIA the NBC archives.


It’s all Mark Burnett, again. He could release hours of Trump hot-micing farts and falling asleep at his fake-executive table.

The main takeaway of The Apprentice was that producers scrambled every episode to make narrative sense of Trump’s “You’re Fired” diktats, because his decisions were invariably capricious and had nothing to do with the actual performance of the contestants. Burnett and his production team single-handedly concocted a narrative of Trump as “A Competent CEO”, a lie which was inoculated into the brains of viewers* over the course of 10 years, and carries on to this day.
*(I am a recovering survivor.)


Forbes did a lot of heavy lifting, as well. Apparently all you have to do to get on their list is make up a fake PR persona and run with it.


I confess to being taken aback when Tucker Carlson not only switched positions on Putin, but insisted there was no evidence he had ever taken his previous position and it was outrageous for anyone to claim that there was. I mean, it’s totally consistent with how Carlson will take contradictory positions sometimes from one moment to the next, but I was still taken aback not (just) by his re-writing of reality as convenient, but by how aggrieved he acted.

It’ll be interesting to see how he flips back to supporting Putin (and back again, as needed) and denies he ever denied his denial about denying…

I was initially surprised by how completely lazy (well, non-existent) the “journalism” involved in compiling that list was, but then I remembered they’re carrying water for the wealthy and inaccurate lists of wealth benefit them, both by inflating (e.g. Trump) or ignoring (e.g. Putin) wealth. What it consistently does is promote capitalist fantasies about “titans of industry” and that’s the real purpose for it, ultimately.


Anyone old enough (or historically interested enough) to remember that lots of US companies refused to stop doing business with Nazi Germany in the 30s, including after WWII started.
The Fords and GM continued to help Germany build vehicles.
The Bushes continued to support the German economy.
The Rockefellers provided oil.
IBM counted dead holocaust victims from their base in Switzerland.

It’s all about the money, and rarely about what’s good for America.


Can’t swallow those large, bitter pills? Try them as suppositories! The bigger an asshole you are, the easier they fit.


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