"High agitated" Trump shouts at NYT reporter asking him about sex assault claims: “You are a disgusting human being”

I wanted Sir Laurence Olivier, but oh well…


Those things aren’t vile, racist, sexist, antisemitic, xenophobic, or fascist. That’s just the “let Trump be Trump” strategy in action!


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Reminds me of Dr. Seuss’s “The Sneetches”, who ran around and around getting a star put on their bellies or removed from their bellies so many times they forgot whether or not they had stars to begin with.




I’m just gonna start assuming people like this have just been awakened from a 15 year long coma and start playing it like it’s a real-life version of Goodbye Lenin. :laughing:


I’m gonna shout at them.


Oh, they’re open alright:

Given his gropings, attempted rapes, all the jokes and comments he’s made about having sex with underage girls (he talked about how his daughter made him promise not to date anyone younger than her, and how that was cramping his dating - when she was 17), given how he positioned himself to to ogle naked underage girls at Miss Teen USA, it’s really sounding likely that he did rape that 13 year-old girl.

How could they not? They were willing to throw him under the bus when it looked like his comments were going to make him more unpopular than they did among Republicans - this has got to be worse, surely? It’s going to be wonderful to see them squirm.


Legit LOL here. Image came up with perfect comedy timing.


Aren’t you meant to point out what’s inaccurate when you demand a retraction?


If it’s libel per se, sue them and see how far that weak shit goes.

What a stupid bullying fuckwit.


Is this the same guy with the “you can’t rape your wife!” excuse? I don’t know that Trump would be able to pull his usually win by out spending strategy here. The Time’s ownership has deep pockets.


And lawyers on retainer, who have very likely already looked at the reporting, the story, and the evidence.


That seems to be the new Republican MO: just say it’s inaccurate, but then offer no facts or evidence to back up your statement and never point out specifically what you think is wrong. It’s a great way to erode people’s faith in the system!


Seriously, can you imagine what it’s like to be his lawyer? Ten years ago, you and your white shoe firm hit the jackpot, Donald Trump as a client. You stonewall some masons, block some siding guys, screw over a few carpenters, send in the bills, send out a few letters, fucking cakewalk. Limos and sidecars in Manhattan.

Now though, now he steams into your office, demanding you write these cease and desist letters and some bullshit about libel, but it’s the Times for christsake, you went to their main legal’s son’s bar mitzvah what, two years ago now? What was that kid’s name? They’re standing on solid ground, you know this, they’re not going to rush to print. But if you don’t write that letter you’re out on your ass, no more sidecars. No more cosmos. No more time share in Mar Lago.

But here’s the deal: You only have to make it 26 more days. 26 more goddamned days and then it’s salad time again, where the green rolls down like candy waterfalls. But, god damn, the Times. You know they’re right. You know you’ve got nothing, but you need to do something that will let you keep your client and prevent you from being disbarred.

Good thing there’s that new paralegal. They know how to write letters, right? Set them up, say they faked your signature. When it all shakes out, you just want to keep up appearances, make the yelling go away, get back to cheating contractors and architects, that’s where you shine.

26 more goddamned days.

Oh, Peter Abromavitz! Nice kid. Great party.


Huh? Suddenly lawyers are as bad at managing money as NFL superstars?


Thin-skinned. Weak. Not acting like a winner at all.

Hillary said a Tweet is enough to get him to flip out, so imagine what it must be like to be around him when the New York Times writes articles telling the truth.


Well, you trusted your cousin Sydney, but that sonofabitch ran off with what was your 401K about two years ago and you’ve gotta build that thing back up.


“all available actions and remedies” include pounding sand, but also pursuing frivolous lawsuits against a company that has good lawyers who are used to dealing with issues like libel.
On the other hand, the paper of “All the news that’s fit to print” was pissed off enough to quote Trump’s use of words that have never been on the front page of the NYT before.


You’re a lawyer. Sue him. Also, Sydney’s a fiduciary then he’d be going to prison for a very long time indeed for doing that on top of the conversion charges.