Hilarious 1994 "Guardian Angel" phone hotline infomercial


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ahh the 90s were an interesting time… and I bet the same stuff is going on now just that I don’t bother to notice it anymore.


Well they didn’t actually claim the angels exist. They promised a warm feeling, and probably delivered pretty good. But the price!


Oh yes, it still exists. Just not dressed up the same.


I was thinking about the NYC Guardian Angels and wondered why BB was making fun of them.


Yeah that was my first thought too. There were some here in Seattle when I first moved here.


As an Atheist I really got a kick out’a that.


My blood runs cold!
My memory has just been sold!

Although it explains why they always used to say, “are you sure you’re calling the right line?”


Lilies of the valley, schmilies of the valley. Angels need to make a buck, too.
Apparently, so does 1990’s Marianne Hartley.


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