Hilarious Trump parody: MAGA worshipper's delusional tribute seems too real

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It’s not funny cause it’s true.


Well, Trump admitted to doing this, he just says he declassified them using the power of his mind.


Parody is often indistinguishable from reality these days.


The only part of that rant that even approaches hyperbole is that don’t recall hearing any credible accounts of Trump raping children with his longtime pal Jeffrey Epstein. I have no doubt the MAGA cultists would stand by him if he did though.


Trump supporters: “I don’t believe all the things he says he didn’t do. Also, I don’t believe all the things he admitted he did. And by ‘believe’ I may actually mean ‘care about’.”

That bit really doesn’t matter to them.

I don’t know how credible it really was, but…

Given that Trump a) is a rapist, and b) bragged about spying on naked teen girls, it’s at least consistent with what we know about Trump, and if such an accusation were true, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising…


I wouldn’t find it surprising either, though that particular accusation seems pretty suspect.

This spring, a man called “Al Taylor” sent a video of a woman with a blurred face and blonde wig (allegedly Johnson) recounting the allegations against Trump to news outlets, saying he wanted $1 million for it. Taylor, the Guardian reported, was actually Norm Lubow, a former producer on the Jerry Springer show who has a history of using fake names and disguises to make juicy, false claims about celebrities.

If I was a tiny bit more conspiracy-minded I might think that Trump’s buddies cooked up that story to muddy the waters regarding all the thoroughly documented, absolutely credible accusations of sexual assault by Donald Trump.


Yeah, at best, some incredibly sleazy people glommed onto a real victim to try to extract some money/fame/whatever, and ended up damaging the case. At worst, a couple dudes were behind it all along, like one of those Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl schemes, and invented an accuser.


“and I don’t believe he has Tiny Hands because in real life this man is just enormous!”

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