MAGA parody account is so good that many people think its the real deal

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Personally I think this kind of satire was funny until 2015 or so. Now, anything on social media that contributes to destabilizing our sense of what is real just contributes to the solipsistic post-truth condition we find ourselves in.

To put it another way, there is no satirizing this, and no point in even trying:

You could satirize George W. Bush in a flight suit on the deck of an aircraft carrier because he still wanted to be taken seriously. But this? What do you say about it - that it “really” happened? That the 45th president really once shaved a man’s head in a fake wrestling match where everything was made up?

It explodes the very possibility of truth, and that’s what the enemies of truth want. Just like Putin, who brazenly does a thing and then contemptuously states he didn’t do it. Being believed or not believed is not the point for these people - they just want to turn up the craziness, because they can use it. And here we are.

Update: I found this today not in The Onion, but in the Washington Post:


This is how it’s done, folks. Brilliant. Spread your seed MAGA man.


In another time and place, MAGAts would have been sharing recipes and tips for the preparation and serving of Irish babies.


I’m afraid I am inclined to agree, much as I hate to say it. I think satire is really important and generally very valuable. However, as we continue to slide down into a post-truth world free of common reality, I have trouble abiding it.


I mistook the entire maga movement for bad satire in 2016 =( When I saw DJT photoshopped as Rambo or the emperor from warhammer 40k I assumed people were making fun of him. When I saw flags emblazoned with images of waving flags on them, I assumed it was joke. Poe’s law writ large I guess.


Agreed. Even the folks at freakin’ National Review said back in 2016 that Trump was so ridiculous that he was, in their words, “beyond parody,” and loathe as I am to agree with them on anything, they were absolutely right.


I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.


Anyone with half a brain knows QAnon started out as a joke, and look how the cultists ate it right up.

How do you parody someone who thinks Trumpian word salad is deep and meaningful?

(I do hope a lot of Qultists spend many long hours trying to decipher the “secret alphanumeric codes” in those Q messages.)


I had to think about that for a second. Possibly a clue that it’s parody.

They didn’t rally behind him of course, they ran (Peter denied he knew Christ multiple times, as the legend goes), but then again why would I expect a real MAGA douche to even know that.


Tromp single-handedly killed satire and put the Onion and comedians out of business.


That is quite a modest proposal that these idiots would believe.


I remember an interview with Stephen Colbert where he mentioned he had to end The Colbert Report because, even though it was successful, continually pretending to be that person was damaging his soul, or spirit, I can’t remember exactly how he put it.

Also, I generally enjoy satire, but I didn’t like this parody account. I feel like being able to enjoy this particular type of satire comes only with a certain level of privilege, of knowing that whichever way things go in the near term, you will be fine. And I don’t feel that. I don’t feel that for my chosen family.


I get the problems people have with this kind of parody in todays political atmosphere, but I have to admit I scrolled through his twitter feed and enjoyed his humor. Looks like most people know its satire. Sometimes he gets arguments from someone who doesnt get it, and his replies are so silly they eventually figure it out.


The version I heard was that he arrived at the conclusion to stop based on a growing fear he had of his kids seeing it and not being able to distinguish the fake sincerity because he was getting too good at it. He said his great fear was saying “I love you” to his kid and getting the reply with a smirk, “Good one dad!”


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