Hillary Clinton feels "great profound sadness" at Trump indictment

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When I lose a running race (I am surely no Pro, so I basically lose all the time), I like to think that I lost because the other person was a better runner, If i lose bc the other runner cheats, then it would make me sad that the system is broken enough to allow that. I can see HC channeling something similar - she lost to a scumbag cheater, not because she was the worse candidate. That can make you sad for the system and the outcome. Being vindicated doesn’t always meen being pleased.


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I’m sorry. I’m not buying it. I heard what she said, but her face and body language said something totally different. I will never forget that “lock her up” bullshit, and neither will she.

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From the Guardian article linked…

I can easily imagine feeling great profound sadness about what that last bit says about the health of American democracy.


Let’s not put too much faith in body language. People’s feelings are not cut and dry. One can have complicated feelings. That’s okay, too.


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