Hillary Clinton's 404 page


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Page not found. Moose out front should have told you.


Is this what you get when you look for the emails she illegally deleted off her her illegal personal email server s secretary of state?


Bill’s conundrum.

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I love how her logo points the way forward: Toward the right!




I’m afraid not. She tried; but her lawyer triples his hourly if required to wear a duck suit while bullshitting bland assertions that any and all crimes that were not committed were not-committed in full compliance with any applicable laws. It’s a racket.




You’re looking at it wrong. If you have that logo as a badge, it points to your left.

But we all know that the Right doesn’t want the correct answer, it just wants bias confirmation.
How’s that Iraq war that was going to pacify the Middle East going for you? Mission accomplished?


Hey wow, if you view that pic, it’s not angled - I didn’t know a plain old web page could do that (assuming it’s just HTML)…

Bonus weirdness - when I hit back on my browser, the pic is no longer angled in the BB article.

Hey, how about some change?
Well, that didn’t work.
Clinton / Bush.


You can do lots of stuff with CSS nowadays:

.main .image img {
  transform: rotate(6deg) scale(0.8);
  border: 10px solid #fff;
  box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);

Seems like the screenshot was taken using Safari, which doesn’t support the transform property without a “-webkit-” prefix: http://caniuse.com/#feat=transforms2d

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Does anyone know WTF happened to my nice specifically designed square avatar?
Are we not allowed squares anymore?
Are we cutting corners or what?


tl;dr - Round is neater.


Thank you for the response, I hadn’t seen that.
But, aaarghh!! I hate it.
The squareness was intrinsic to my avatar. Which means I’ll have to change it.
@codinghorror @awesomerobot
My two cents would be:

  1. Breathing room is only necessary (and the attractiveness of it is relative) in one or two circumstances, as in when one is viewing an entire page of avatars.
  2. Rounded is more human. But avatars aren’t always pictures of humans.
  3. Squaring the edges fits them in nicer with all the other square elements.

Can we use .PNGs with alpha, so we can choose our own shape?

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If you can figure out how to apply this CSS in whatever browser you’re using:

img.avatar { border-radius: 0 !important; }

I like the square ones much better too.

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Hmmm. Ta.
Any pointers in that general direction?

It depends which browser you’re using. If it’s Firefox you can install the add-on Stylish, then with that add-on create a new stylesheet (“Write new style” under the Stylish category in the Add-ons Manager), insert HTML namespace as default (using the “Insert…” button at the top of the Stylish editor), and put that code in the new stylesheet. If it’s a different browser then I don’t know, but I’d be willing to do some googling and try to find out.

Isn’t this an example of a ‘it breaks the Internet’ 404 page?

I just went to the volunteer sign-up page and saw her close-up photo. What are those lines around her eyes and mouth? Oh, this is just a close-up photo of an older lady appearing in my media that hasn’t been photoshopped.

Also she looks like she is watching over me while I go about my internet activities which seems fitting?