Hoisted by her own petard, much?


Unfortunate ‘Gun Rights Activist’ shot by her own 4 year old, who she’d taught to shoot.

From The Independent:

An outspoken gun rights activist has been shot and wounded by her four-year-son - hours after she posted a message on social media saying how “jacked up” he was to shoot a weapon.

The mind boggles … :frowning:


Must have been pretty bad at teaching firearms safety. You know, maybe there’s a reason for the legal age to purchase handguns in the US is usually 21.


Ms Gilt, from Jacksonville, frequently posts on social media about her love of guns and her views on Second Amendment rights, as well as her support for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Her Facebook page also contains material many would consider racist.

Totally crying a river over here…



Maybe the kid was just trying to protect himself from more child abuse, since it became obvious that’s her idea of a good upbringing…


But they apparently didn’t check her mental age when she purchased … :laughing:

Shouldn’t laugh. She looks pretty slim, so an abdominal through and through with a .45 probably meant a laparotomy and bowel resection. Plus there’s still a few days more at risk of death from peritonitis … Even if all goes well it’ll take a year or two to recover from. Guns are nasty.


The only person I feel bad for in this situation is her kid. That’s the real victim.


Maybe that’s what it takes for this fool to realise that…



The only silver lining to this cloud is that we can finally blame Florida WOman for once.

Since she was driving at the time, it is very fortunate that she didn’t run into anyone else. Who leaves a gun in the back seat with a 4-year-old? Oh, right…Florida Woman.


She has a twitter account.



Oh boy

No, I really can’t. Not this again.


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