Homeless people egg California gubernatorial recall candidate rather than be used as a prop

What if I sold you a device that quasi legally allows you to fling all your eggs at once?




Well, I guess that makes sense. The Democratic party is always far more interested in proactively kneecapping themselves based on speculation and “what ifs” than in running clear and effective comms campaigns.


No suit piercing hard boiled ammo either.


To be fair, the state’s gubernatorial recall process (like its ballot proposition process) is an ill-conceived mess that’s easily exploited by right-wingers with misleading questions, confusing ballots, astroturfing, and a whole lot of corporate money. After decades of this nonsense, from Prop 13 to Gray Davis to Prop H8 to now, the California Dem establishment (already hapless and complacent) is left with no choice but to proceed on the hope that enough liberals and progressives are aware of that fact and will vote accordingly.


LOL “throw fetus” … that’s good.

Here’s the actual FOX coverage, which has some more camera angles. They seem to be really suddenly interested in trying to understand “hate crimes” and the “black face” gorilla mask. Sigh/shrug


We just dropped off our ballots at the LA County Registrar/Clerk’s office at lunch! Sacrificed my lunch hour to be sure they receive it. :wink:


If the gorilla reference was meant as a racist thing instead of a “Guerilla Girls” activism type thing then wouldn’t they be depicting ELDER as the gorilla?


You can say that again! This is two in as many decades? Maybe the entirely Democrat-controlled lege can do something about it. Or maybe they can hope that a middle of the road action star with a modicum of compassion will be the GQP choice.

looks at the polls

Nope! But hey, at least Arnold is still the party’s moral voice of reason! Right?

This is entirely a mess of the Dems own making, which seems to be true of 90% of all the messes they deal with across the nation. An issue polls at 65%+ and a plurality of GQP voters support it, too? Maybe next term! Manchin has “concerns”.


Disagree. Anyone with enough resources can get a recall effort (or a ballot proposition) off the ground. Frankly the fact that Newsom pissed off the Republicans enough to inspire them to launch this recall is a point in his favor as far as I’m concerned.


I hate see food go to waste, this was not one of those instances. Nice aim, good throwing arm!


One side (liberal) tends to frown on violence, especially as a means of communication. Self defense, fine, if we must. But the other side (‘conservatives’) absolutely revel in their violence and often turn words into awful deeds (see Portland and Seattle or the many many acts of violence and mayhem - Jan 6th 2021 anyone?)

Throwing curses and invective, fine. An egg isn’t a bottle or a brick, but shit escalates quickly as the saying goes. Not a fan of throwing anything myself. Wasn’t there a trend of european pols getting a milkshake thrown at em? mb tin pan full of whipped cream would be OK? Punches are over the line. But when the ‘ProudBoys’ corner you hell yes fight back. Fuck the fascists and racists. My kith and kin didn’t fly bomber missions over Nazi Germany for us to go down that dark path.


For one whats with the geriatric security detail and I did not see any pellet gun? Larry Elder is getting exactly what he deserves. I would be that upon returning to the suv a change of underpants was in order as we looks like he was pissing himself.

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Not to get us off topic…but isn’t a “left hook” thrown by the left hand???
Or does he mean “left hook,” because it was assumedly thrown by “someone on the left,” I’m so confused.
I feel sad for people who watch this show to get their news :cry:


Re: violence definition

I think what many people are missing here is the difference between “punching up” and "punching down (i.e. oppression).

Paramount Network Kelly GIF by Yellowstone


This wasn’t even a punch. More like tweaking his nose a little, if that.


True, but intent and context are important to the story.


And the intent was not to do violence of any kind. Not punching up or down. Dirtying his suit a bit, tweaking his ego. That doesn’t even register on the violence meter compared to what he planned on doing to them.


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I believe the tactic is called “all your eggs in one basket” (except the one thrown at sr. dickhead)

The logic really makes sense if you assume that your average citizen is too stupid to understand that the two questions aren’t mutually exclusive.

Sadly, they’re probably right. I’d loved to have seen a reasonable alternate democrat, but I can see the point that if one was on the ballot, that may shift some votes over to “well, why not, lets actively try to get this person in office by recalling Newsom”.