Homeless people egg California gubernatorial recall candidate rather than be used as a prop

I believe the tactic is called “all your eggs in one basket” (except the one thrown at sr. dickhead)

The logic really makes sense if you assume that your average citizen is too stupid to understand that the two questions aren’t mutually exclusive.

Sadly, they’re probably right. I’d loved to have seen a reasonable alternate democrat, but I can see the point that if one was on the ballot, that may shift some votes over to “well, why not, lets actively try to get this person in office by recalling Newsom”.


I don’t think they do though. The whole point of the NAP is so that we can’t fight back for what they took from us by force.


Funny you should say that. I was tempted to write “conveniently forget”, but then allowed that a sufficient portion of them are stupid and ignorant enough that it was better to leave out the qualifier.


Yes, given the right circumstances violence is justified against political enemies. It is the entire concept behind war and policing. The question is always where is the line and what constitutes a rational and proportional use of violence. Everyone would pretty much be fine with me killing a risen zombie Hitler attempting to establish a new reich, and essentially no one would be fine with me clubbing a city council member for their vote on a allowing a building code variance to allow a garage to be built 1 foot too close to the property line. Pretending all violence is equal is a bad faith tactic that is rarely intended to facilitate a meaningful conversation.


And what do you imagine that headline to be?

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If they were really trying to understand it they’d consider the possibility that it’s a reference to the anti-fascists in Cabaret.



As I pointed out back in October of 2016 when people were still saying “can’t happen.” Yeah, it can. We’re living in France now, but we still have people in CA.


“Weaponizing” a 12-egg carton:

  1. Remove the eggs.
  2. Cut off and discard the egg carton lid.
  3. Retain the dimpled portion of the carton.
  4. Glue one 3’-4’ long, 5/8"-1" diameter stick to the bottom of the dimpled carton. (Use adhesive appropriate for the carton and stick materials.)
  5. Verify that the adhesive has fully cured.
  6. Load eggs into the dimpled carton, handling the stick/carton assembly as one would a lacrosse stick, taking care that the eggs do not fall out.
  7. The assembly may now be used (in a fashion not unlike a lacrosse stick) to toss all 12 eggs simultaneously.

Note: If a lacrosse stick is available, simply load it up with eggs and use it per step 7.


I dunno. I never saw the Emcee in Cabaret as being one of the anti-fascists. That character seemed perfectly happy to perform for a Nazi audience. And the gorilla bit was literally meant to dehumanize Jews for the amusement of the audience. If that’s really what the egg thrower was trying to reference then I think it was overly complex for the message to be clearly understood.


Just getting this in here before the thread closes: there is no indication that the person who threw the egg is part of the homeless community.
As a formerly homeless person, I think there are a lot of indications that they are not part of the homeless community.
Eggs keep well w/o refrigeration, but are delicate to transport and bulky, and if you had them, as an unhoused person, I think you’d be unlikely to waste them on an asshole like this.
The idea that the homeless community is wasting perfectly good food seems off. I have plenty of examples of free projectiles available to the downtrodden.
That’s it for my spiel. Let’s not vilify the poor any more than they already are.


Not to go too far Off-Topic, but that last line was controversial from the start. It was shocking and some people just didn’t get why it was integral to the song and its context. It was even changed for a while.

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