Homemade cardboard Portal gun for less than $10


Are you sure you didn’t mean “full Portal garb”?

Also, it’s not like her Portal costume was mega uncomfortable, or her gun heavy. If she at least wore the original character’s “high heels” while barefooted, that would be more amazing.

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Which city is that? Wheres the black tower in the background?
Great Suit!"

Why not just “portal” to the end? Would have been easier than running the whole way.

Could have stopped and grabbed some cake on the way, too.

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I’m amazed she made it 5k without being tackled by authorities fearing the “device” she was carrying.

Must be the USA if she needs to exercise her 2nd amendment rights and always carry a sidearm outside the house.

Edit - yes, the Chicago Monster Dash. This then raises the curious question of why it is listed in metres rather than their usual anachronistic measure based on some dead guys foot length.

Not to mention a potato offering words of discouragement.

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Then again, a working Portal gun… it’s kinda dumb just to run with it.

I don’t why this is, but 5k and 3k are standard runs in the US. I never hear 3 miles or 1.8641 miles.

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