Honest Trailers tackles 'The Matrix Resurrections'

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Computer Jesus returns for more quick cut garbage fighting all the while taking pills to meet a girl he found online.

Oh yeah, and mo money.



I’d watch this, but I swore off lazy movie criticism (Screen Junkies, CinemaSins, Screen Rant, etc.) long ago. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be comedy. Maybe if they made it, you know, funny, I’d reconsider. I thought Resurrections was…fine. It was fine.


Is it time for … Matrix: Restitutions ?


I discount any review that doesn’t get that the entire franchise is a transgender allegory.


I was surprised to read this:

The character Switch, played by Belinda McClory, was originally written as a trans character, being female inside the matrix but male outside of the matrix. But the studio ultimately nixed that idea, saying the movie world wasn’t ready for a trans character in a major blockbuster.

But I am unable to find a blockbuster film (using the definition of “a pretty big-budget action film”) which has any kind of trans character which is actually a part of the plot. There’s certainly some lower budget action flicks, and plenty of dramas.

TV is, of course, a totally different conversation.

Of course the film wasn’t just about that character. And the taking the pill to see through the false reality was an estrogen pill.


I laughed. YMMV.


The review wasn’t wrong, and I laughed as well.


All I want is a Hugo and Keanu fishing show. Just fishing, that’s it! That’s the show. I don’t know what to call it though, maybe the Hugs and Kenny show. I mean, they wouldn’t have to change their names but that could be like a nickname that they get on the show. I’m sure they would have capable writers that would be able to explain the backstory of how they got their nicknames, if it wasn’t immediately obvious. OK maybe one more thing. Maybe the first episode is a fishing show, but the second episode is a plumbing show. With a bit more time, I might be able to come up with a few more ideas. Call me, Keanu.


Honestly, the best part of the movie was when a machine greets Neo by headbonking him. And Neo headbonks them back.

That was enough I didn’t regret watching it.

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Fishing with John, and it’s already been done but hey everyone is doing reboots and heck I’d watch the hell out of that. “Looks like you’ve got a bite there, Mister Anderson.”


Yes, I’ve seen episodes of that, and I’d watch the hell out of “Fishing with Keanu.”


That was brutal.

Seriously, has America completely run out of creativity? All we can do is various comic universe CGI extravaganzas and some tired franchises like Starwars and tedious remakes like this one and the best stuff today is from Korea?

The best stuff today is things nobody’s heard of that are hard to even explain if you haven’t seen them

I could make a list but everybody would disagree and have their own lists


Body Talk: Conversations on Transgender Cinema with Caden Mark Gardner: The Matrix Resurrections (Lana Wachowski, 2021)



I meant to post that this is a great read, thanks for sharing it.


In the weeks leading up to the release I suggested that Trinity might be “the one”, and many of my close trans friends thought so too. We were right, and when it did happen I cried while watching, and I don’t cry at the movies often. Here was this loud siren of The Matrix as an object whose “transition” was now front and center, and it meant something to me.

It was such a magnificent punch the air moment when she rejects her deadname that the film pays for itself with this scene, keep your bullet time and 360 degree karate kicks.


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