Hoofed mammal-themed fighting games are big business


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Hmm - not sure if my kid would like this… but if they make it we might check it out…


This game originally started development as a My Little Pony fan made fighting game until they got Cease and Desisted by Hasbro. When Lauren Faust heard about it and saw how much work had gone into it, she volunteered to provide new designs so they could keep going forward. It looks like she’s done a lot more than just some new designs and I think the game is actually better off for it now.


Yup. This originally started as “Fighting is Magic.” Even the new name is an improvement.


Lauren Faust seems to have the midas touch when it comes to character design.

It’s funny how half a million sounds like a lot of money, but then when I look at the cost breakdown, it seems super low. They have 13.4% of the budget going to programming (basically the only thing I know anything about) which works out to about 60K for programming, which, for making an entire online game sounds like really not very much. I’ll kick in my $15 - I could do with a fighting game that my kids might actually want to play with me


Not a fan of fighting in games, it seems very tedious to me, prince of Persia sands of time was an awesome game, the next one was ruined with too much fighting IMOP


I would much rather play it than “Non-Violent Dressage Mishaps Volume 4.”


Hmm. $15 for the fundraiser, plus maybe $500 for a Windows machine to play it on, plus a few co-pays to the marriage counselor to work through my Apple-partisan husband’s inevitable sense of hardware betrayal . . . yep, sounds worth it. I’m in.


I still play SNES Mortal Kombat with my kids. Great fun. :smile:


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